[High price 10,000 yen or more] 10 recommended Japanese whiskies

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Japanese whisky has become popular worldwide over the past few years. The production of old famous whiskies such as “Yamazaki” “Hakushu” “Hibiki” “Taketsuru” “Yoichi” and “Miyagikyo” has drastically decreased due to a shortage of original sake, and they are now being distributed in Japan at a higher price than the list price. Many whisky fans around the world are also enthusiastic about them, and they are distributed worldwide at prices many times higher than the list price.


I want to know more about Japanese whisky! I want to try it! We introduce the recommended Japanese whisky for over 10,000 yen, which our website “Japanese Whisky Dictionary” recommends for beginners to Japanese whisky. Japanese Whisky recommended by our website “Japanese Whisky Dictionary” for more than 10,000 yen.


1. What is Japanese whisky?

We usually use the term “Japanese whisky” without paying much attention to it, but in fact, on February 16, 2021, the Japan Western Whisky Brewers Association established a voluntary standard for the labeling of Japanese whisky. First, a brief explanation of this standard is given below.

1-1. Voluntary Standards for Japanese Whisky

To meet the criteria for “Japanese Whisky” the following items (1) to (4) must be satisfied.

(1) Ingredients

Ingredients must be limited to malt, grains, and water from within Japan. Malt must be used.

(2) Production

Saccharification, fermentation, and distillation must be performed at a distillery in Japan. The alcohol content at distillation must be less than 95%.

(3) Storage

The product must be packed in wooden casks with a content of 700 liters or less and stored in Japan for at least three years from the day following the day of packing.

(4) Bottling

Bottled in Japan in containers with an alcohol content of 40% or more at the time of filling. 

2. Selection criteria for High price range 10,000 yen or more

Criteria (1) Must be available at 10,000 yen (including tax) or more

In online stores, etc., you can find 10,000 yen or more including tax The whisky must be available for purchase at

Criteria (2) Must be made from Japanese sake

Must be made from sake distilled and stored in Japan.
Sake blended with imported sake from overseas is not acceptable.

Criteria (3) The labeling must be clear and not confusing to consumers.

If the whisky is blended with imported spirits from abroad, the whisky must not be mistaken by the consumer for Japanese whisky. The label of the product clearly indicates this fact. We recommend our whiskies with confidence.

3. 10 recommended high-priced Japanese whiskies

Now, let us introduce 10 recommended Japanese whiskies that can be purchased for more than 10,000 yen, as recommended by our website, Japanese Whisky Dictionary!

No.1  Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky Glauber (List price: 16,500 yen, selling price: 53,780 yen)

We proudly recommend the following whisky from the Akkeshi distillery in Hokkaido as the number one whisky in the high price range.
The number one product we proudly recommend in the high price range is “Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky 芒種(boushu)” from the Akkeshi distillery in Hokkaido.
The third release of the Akkeshi Distillery’s “Glow in the Dark” is a key malt whisky. The 24 Season Series The third release of the Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky is made from peated oak barrels as the key mal t. The “glauber’s grain” refers to the time when the seeds of rice, wheat, and other grains with glaives are sown, which is around June 5 every year. The label is fashionable with a cute and fragile feel, featuring a heike firefly flying over the wetlands of Akkeshi on the glauber’s grain.
It has a gentle aroma with a mixture of smokiness, citrus, and a sweet aroma derived from the oak. The creamy, soft mouthfeel with a viscous feel is alcohol-free, and the palate is full of citrus bitterness, sugar syrup-like rich sweetness, and peppiness. The aftertaste is pleasantly salty, peaty, and citrusy, with a tidal saltiness. There is none of the unpleasant sensation of a young sake, and everything from the aroma to the lingering finish is extremely high perfection. It is so perfect from the aroma to the aftertaste that one cannot help but take the next sip without even thinking about it. When a small amount of water is added, the youthfulness disappears and the sweetness increases. Even when served with soda, the full-bodied sweetness has a strong presence.
Currently, it can be found on mail order sites for nearly three times the price. We have also seen people who happened to be able to purchase it while touring liquor stores. Why don’t you try looking for it?
At our restaurant “BAR Shinkai” , we have a variety of 24-section series as well as 芒種(boushu). All of them are whiskies that you must try at least once, so please compare them with each other.

Product nameAkkeshi Single Malt Whisky Glauber
Sales priceList price: 16,500 yen Sales price: 53,780 yen
Alcohol content55%
Distillate / CompositionSingle malt whisky
Place of productionKenten Industrial Co., Ltd.Akkeshi Distillery
Voluntary StandardsThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information about “Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky 芒種(boushu)” , please visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/akkeshi-singlemalt-boushu-2-6607/]

No.2  Ichiro’s Malt Double Distilleries (List price 6,600 yen, sale price 14,000 yen)

In second place is Ichiro’s Malt Double Distilleries.
The second place went to “Ichiro’s Malt Double Distilleries” which was also selected in the higher price range. “Double Distilleries” is a blend of the Hanyu distillery, which closed in 2000, and the Chichibu distillery, which was established in 2008. The Hanyu distillery is a distillery that has already closed, so if the existing original sake is no longer available, it may no longer be sold.
The Hanyu distillery’s malt base sake is mainly made from puncheon casks and “sherry casks” while the Chichibu distillery’s malt base sake is made from quercus barrels, and is bottled with non-chill filter and natural color. The golden color goes well with the green leaves on the label.
The aroma is sweet like honey, with a hint of byakudan lurking in the background. The smooth mouthfeel reveals sweetness reminiscent of peaches and raisins, with a spicy note derived from Mizunara oak barrels. The finish is pleasantly spicy and smoky.
The selling price has nearly doubled, but it is by no means unaffordable. This is a bottle that you should get before the original bottles run out.

Product NameIchiro’s Malt Double Distilleries
Retail priceList price: 6,600 yen Sales price: 14,000 yen
Alcohol content46%
Distillate / Composition

Blended malt whisky

Place of productionVenture Whisky Corporation Chichibu Distillery
Voluntary standardThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information on Ichiro’s Malt Double Distilleries, please visit here.

[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/02/23/ichiros-malt-double-distilleryes-2/#i-5]

No.3 Taketsuru Pure Malt 17years old (old label) (List price 7,700 yen, selling price 37,000 yen)

Third place goes to “Taketsuru Pure Malt 17 Years Old” from Nikka Whisky.
This 17-year-old whisky from Taketsuru has won numerous awards. It is a blend of Yoichi and Miyagikyo malts, with Tadashi Sakuma’s blending skills on full display.
Vanilla, oak woody, and smoky aroma. It has a round mouthfeel with a dignified body. There is a strong impression of grain-like richness derived from malt, mature sweetness derived from oak, and fruitiness. It is as if Yoichi and Miyagikyo are asserting their individuality. The aftertaste is refreshing and clean, with a soft peat finish.
As mentioned in the mid-price range, including the old non-vintage Taketsuru bottles. Older Taketsuru is no longer available. The price is 7,700 yen. The regular price was 7,700 yen, an unbeatable price for a 17-year-old whisky, but now the price is almost 30,000 yen due to the end of sales. However, it is now close to 30,000 yen as it is no longer available. Mini bottles are also sold, so we hope you will try that or try it at a bar or other restaurant.

Product nameTaketsuru Pure Malt 17years old
Retail priceList price: 7,700 yen Retail price: 37,000 yen
Alcohol content43%
Distillate / Composition

Pure malt whisky

Place of productionNikka Whisky Corporation Yoichi Distillery Miyagikyo Distillery
Voluntary standardThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information about “Taketsuru Pure Malt 17years old” , please visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/01/21/nikkataketsuru17yearpuremalt-2/]

No.4  Single Malt Komagatake 2021 Edition (List price: 8,360 yen, selling price: 12,540 yen)

In fourth place is the Single Malt Komagatake 2021 Edition from Hombo Shuzo.
The Komagatake Limited Edition has been released every year since 2018, but the 2021 edition has a very high production of 50,000 bottles, which is probably why the word “limited” is no longer used.
It is vatted mainly with malt base alcohol aged in bourbon barrels and sherry casks. It has aromas of persimmon, apple, and plum fruits, oaky notes, and slight smoky flavors. It has a slightly heavy medium body and a sweetness like apples, persimmons, and other fruits, maple syrup, and a slight smokiness. The lingering finish has a mellow aroma characteristic of sherry casks, maple syrup sweetness, and a rich cocoa flavor.
Although it is already out of stock at liquor stores and other retailers, it is available on Amazon and other online retailers at a slightly higher price than the list price. We have also heard that some people have been able to obtain it at the regular price by visiting liquor stores, so why don’t you try looking for it?

Product nameSingle Malt Komagatake 2021 Edition
Selling priceList price: 8,360 yen Selling price: 12,540 yen
Alcohol content48%
Distillate / Composition

Single malt whisky

Place of productionMars Shinshu Distillery, Hombo Shuzo Co.
Voluntary StandardsThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information on Single Malt Komagatake 2021 Edition, please also visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/09/21/komagatake_2021_edition-2/]

No.5  Single Malt Yamazaki 12 Year Old (List Price: 9,350 yen, Retail Price: 22,000 yen)

Here it is, the “Single Malt Yamazaki 12 Year Old” from Suntory in fifth place.
This is a 12-year aged version of Yamazaki, one of Japan’s most popular whiskies. The malts that are suitable for tasting in the raw have been carefully selected from among the treasured malt casks of Yamazaki that have been aged for more than 12 years over the course of the four seasons. Puncheon, sherry, and oak casks are used for maturation.
This bottle gives the image of delicacy and refinement. The aroma is sweet like honey, peaty, and oaky. The aroma is complex, delicate, and deep, with layers of different aromas. It has a deep sweetness like bitter chocolate and a woody, spicy flavor characteristic of Quercus barrels. The sweet aftertaste, reminiscent of fruit, lingers long and strong, as if Yamazaki 12years old is trying to make its presence known.
It can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or with soda.
It is now quite scarce and hard to find. It is rare to find it in liquor stores, but…. It is sold at a very high price on mail order websites, but if you have not yet tried Yamazaki 12year old, which continues to fascinate the world, please give it a try.

Product nameSingle malt Yamazaki 12years old
Retail priceList price 9,350 yen Selling price 22,000 yen
Alcohol content43%
Distillate / Composition

Single malt whisky

Place of productionSuntory Spirits Limited, Yamazaki Distillery
Voluntary standardThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information about “Single Malt Yamazaki 12” , please visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/01/04/yamazaki12-2/]

No.6  Single Malt Hakushu 12 Year Old (List Price: 9,350 yen, Retail Price: 24,000 yen)

Following Yamazaki, the sixth place goes to “Single Malt Hakushu 12 Years Old” from Suntory.
Hakushu is a 12-year old single malt in the mid-priced range. It is vatted with malt dist illed at the Hakushu distillery, which has a different character from that of the Yamazaki distillery and is called “the distillery in the forest”.
The woodiness, citrus and freshness of young leaves are still there, as if you were invited to take a bath in the forest. It has a slightly smoky, soft mouthfeel with a full-bodied sweetness and a refreshing crispness. It is perfect straight, on the rocks, or with soda.
Hakushu 12 Year Old Running out of Undiluted Sake The Hakushu 12 year old was released in June 2018 by the Sold out It was sold in limited quantities at the end of March 2021, but it did not take long for it to sell out. It is currently priced at nearly three times its original price on mail order sites. Like Yamazaki, Hakushu 12year old is sometimes offered at restaurants other than bars, probably due to its name recognition. If you see it, please give it a try.

Product nameSingle Malt Hakushu 12years old
Selling priceList price: 9,350 yen Retail price: 24,000 yen
Alcohol content43%
Distillate / Composition

Single malt whisky

Place of productionSuntory Spirits Limited Hakushu Distillery
Voluntary standardThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information about “Single Malt Hakushu 12 Years Old” , please visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/01/27/hakushu-12-year-2/#i-8]

No.7  Single Malt Shizuoka Prologue K (List price 8,943 yen, sale price 20,500 yen)

Seventh place goes to “Single Malt Shizuoka Prologue K” from Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery.
Gaiaflow Distilling Co. won the auction for the now-defunct Karuizawa distillery. Available equipment in the Karuizawa distillery was repaired and refurbished. Distiller No. 3 is Distiller K The third distiller will be revived as This is its memorable first whisky.
It is made from over 50% Japanese barley malt and vatted with malt from England and Canada. The aroma has the freshness of Japanese citrus and the sweetness of grains, but it also has a slightly dry aroma including the smell of cemedine. The mouthfeel is powerful in proportion to the alcohol content, and the sweetness derived from bourbon barrels is accompanied by peat and bitterness. The lingering finish is moderately sweet and the peatiness quickly fades away. I got the impression that the oak and peat well mask the youthfulness of the wine.
The quality of this first release makes you wonder if it is really 3 years old. The sweetness is further enhanced by adding water. It is a perfectly balanced bottle that is sure to be delicious with soda or on the rocks.
The price is surprisingly high: over 20,000 yen on auction sites and over 60,000 yen on mail order sites such as Amazon. It has become difficult to obtain. We are selling it at our store “BAR SHINKAI” , so please try the true value of the revived “Distiller K”. Please try it.

Product NameSingle malt Shizuoka prologue K
Retail priceList price: 8,943 yen Sales price: 20,500 yen
Alcohol content55.5%
Distillate / CompositionSingle malt whisky
Place of productionGaiaflow Distilling Co. Gaiaflow Shizuoka Distillery
Voluntary StandardsThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information on “Single Malt Shizuoka Prologue K”, please also visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/01/13/shizuokaprologuek-2/]

No.8 Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 First Edition (List Price: 13,750 yen, Retail Price: 29,800 yen)

No. 8 is the Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 First Edition from Komasa Shuzo.
It is made from non-peat mal t and bottled at cask strength with multiple casks vatted using the same American white oak rich cask used for the barrel-aged rice shochu “Mellow Kozuru” as the key ingredient. This is the first single malt whisky from Kanosuke Distillery.
The color is dark amber for 3 years old. The aroma has a slightly noticeable youngness with a twang. Fresh sweet aroma like mandarin oranges and oranges, sweet bitterness of chocolate, and spicy aroma of casks are overwhelming. The flavor is notable for its unique sweetness. The mellow kozuru, perhaps derived from rice shochu, comes to the fore. It gives the impression of a young syochu liqueur supported by a veteran’s mellow kozuru.
The selling price on mail order sites is about twice the regular price, so it is a bit difficult to decide whether to buy it or not. Komasa Shuzo also sells three types of gin using rice shochu as the base spirit, and these bottles are also very high quality. Please also enjoy Komasa Shuzo’s rice shochu together.

Product NameSingle Malt Kanosuke 2021 First Edition
Retail priceList price: 13,750 yen Retail price: 29,800 yen
Alcohol content58% 
Distillate / CompositionSingle malt whisky
Place of productionKomasa Shuzo Kanosuke Distillery
Voluntary standardThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information on Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 First Edition, please visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/06/16/kanosuke2021-2/]

No.9  Single Malt Tsunuki Peated (list price 9,680 yen, selling price 14,800)

No. 9 is “Single Malt Tsunuki Peated” from Hombo Shuzo.
Located at the southernmost tip of the mainland The second single malt from Mars Tsunuki Distillery . It is now characterized by a peat-derived smoky aroma and taste. It is vatted mainly from peated malt base liquors matured in bourbon barrel s.
As the name suggests, it has a smoky and woody aroma. The aroma is soft and smooth on the palate, with a hint of burnt oak and an ethereal aroma at the back. The mouthfeel is soft and smooth. Bourbon, malt sweetness and smokiness. A soft, calm, smoky aftertaste lingers.
The peat is not very assertive and not peaty like an Islay. This is a gentle bottle with a soft mouthfeel that does not feel overpowering for its alcohol content.
It is easy to purchase on mail order sites, where it is priced somewhat near the lower end of the range. In addition to the craft gin “Wabijin” Hombo Shuzo has strengths in various genres such as Shinshu Distillery and Mars Yamanashi Winery, and will continue to keep an eye on whisky as well as gin and wine.

Product nameSingle malt Tsunuki peated
Retail priceList price: 9,680 yen Sales price: 14,800 yen
Alcohol content50%
Distillate / CompositionSingle malt whisky
Place of production

Hombo Shuzo Mars Tsunuki Distillery

Voluntary StandardsThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information about “Single Malt Tsunuki Peated” , please visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2021/01/19/single-malt-tsunuki-peated-2/]

No.10 Hibiki JAPANESE HARMONY (list price 5,500 yen, selling price 10,659 yen)

The tenth highest-priced last is “Hibiki JAPANESE HARMONY”!
With the concept of  a whisky that brings together the four seasons of Japan, the delicate sensibilities of the Japanese people, and the skills of Japanese artisans” this whisky has the dignity of Hibiki, but with a gorgeous, refined, and easy-to-drink flavor achieved through the harmony of a wide variety of original spirits. The 24-sided bottle design represents the 24 solar terms of the Japanese calendar, and the Echizen Japanese paper label with the word “Hibiki” in black ink expresses the refined world view of Japanese whisky.
Blended with malt distillate from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries and grain distillate from the Chita distillery. Light aroma. Woody, oaky and fruity. The mouthfeel is light and slightly young, with a honey-like sweetness, a hint of citrus sweetness, and woodiness. Delicate and gentle, with a hint of quercus lingering on the palate.
Very mild and truly universal, Hibiki JH is easy to drink, yet full-bodied. This is a must-try, especially for beginners.
The price of Hibiki JH has been rising year after year, and is now more than double the regular price. However, we have heard that it can be purchased at liquor stores at almost the regular price, so you may have a good encounter if you look for it.

Product nameHibiki JAPANESE HARMONY
Retail priceList price: 5,500 yen Selling price: 10,659 yen
Alcohol content43%
Distillate / CompositionBlended Whisky
Place of production

Suntory Spirits Limited, Yamazaki Distillery, Hakushu Distillery, Chita Distillery

Voluntary standardThis product meets the labeling standards for Japanese whisky.

For more information on Hibiki JAPANESE HARMONY, please visit here.
[clink url=https://en.jpwhisky.net/2019/01/24/hibiki-japaneseharmony-2/]

4. At the end.

Thank you for reading to the end of this article.

When you go to a liquor store, along with Scotch, Bourbon, and Irish, a Japanese whisky section has been created and many Japanese whiskies are now displayed. Recently, there has been a great increase in the number of new products released by various manufacturers, including not only major products such as “Kaku-bottle” and “Black Nikka” but also some products that we have never seen before.

However, among them, there are many whiskies on display that do not meet the standards that we can recommend as our site. For those who want to know what the hottest Japanese whisky is, or want to try it, but don’t know where to start, let us introduce it to you. If you want to know about Japanese whiskey, or want to try it, but don’t know where to start, we hope that the “10 recommended Japanese whiskies” introduced here will help you when you buy a Japanese whisies.

This site’s “10 Japanese Whisky Recommendations” is divided into 3 ranges “Low Price Range” , “Middle Price Range” , and “High Price Range” . Please take a look at the articles on the other ranges.



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