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“Hibiki” is the pinnacle of Japan’s world-class blended whisky. “Hibiki” is said to be a blend of carefully selected, long-matured whiskies from over 800,000 unique whiskies produced and stored at Suntory’s three distilleries in Japan: the Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Chita Distilleries. “Hibiki” is a top-rated premium blended whisky released in …

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[High price 10,000 yen or more] 10 recommended Japanese whiskies

Japanese whisky has become popular worldwide over the past few years. The production of old famous whiskies such as “Yamazaki” “Hakushu” “Hibiki” “Taketsuru” “Yoichi” and “Miyagikyo” has drastically decreased due to a shortage of original sake, and they are now being distributed in Japan at a higher price than the …

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[Review] Single Malt Hakushu 18year

Following Yamazaki in the first issue, I would like to introduce Hakushu 18 Year Old, another single malt whisky from Suntory. Keizo Saji, the second generation master blender, decided that he wanted to make a whisky with a different taste from Yamazaki, which was made at the oldest distillery in …

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