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[Lottery sales March 14 – April 19, 2023] Yamazaki LIMITED EDITION2023 Hibiki BLOSSOM HARMONY2023

Yamazaki and Hibiki have released information on the release of “Yamazaki LIMITED EDITION 2023” and “Hibiki BLOSSOM HARMONY 2023” from their respective brand websites. There will be two lotteries for both Yamazaki and Hibiki, with 1,000 bottles each time for a total of 2,000 bottles each. The official tasting comments for …

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Last year, on December 17 (Sat.) and 18 (Sun.), 2022, the Institute of Whisky Culture hosted “JAPANESE FES 2022 in TOKYO“, a two-day event featuring a large collection of Japanese whiskies, gins, and spirits. We went to the event to check the latest Japanese whisky trends and provide valuable information …

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[High price 10,000 yen or more] 10 recommended Japanese whiskies

We recommend 10 high-end Japanese whiskies with a purchase price of over 10,000 yen. In the higher price range, all products meet the voluntary standards for Japanese whisky, and most of them are so popular around the world that they are hard to find at a premium price.

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