Whisky Review


Among the many different types of raw materials that make up the flavor of Yamazaki single malt whiskey, a smoky raw material that adds depth and complexity to the flavor in very small quantities, is made from malted barley that has been dried by burning more peat. It is made from peated malt, which is malted barley that has been dried by burning more peat.

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[Review] Single Malt Whisky “YAMAZAKI” PUNCHEON 2020 EDITION

The woody and soft taste that can only be obtained by aging in a puncheon cask The puncheon cask, which Suntory selects from American oak and produces in-house, is a stocky cask with a capacity of about 480 liters. The contact area between the whiskey and the barrel material is small, and the maturation process proceeds gently, allowing the original flavor of the spirit to be enjoyed.

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[Review] Suntory Kakubin

Suntory Kakubin, as it is known, is one of the blended whiskey brands produced by Suntory Spirits and sold by Suntory Liquors. In fact, it was not originally called “Kaku-bottle” , but was first sold on October 8, 1937 by Kotobuki-ya, the predecessor of Suntory, under the name “Suntory Whiskey …

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