Operator Information

This site “Japanese Whisky Dictionary – 日本のウイスキー辞典-” is operated by “BAR Shinkai”, which operates three BAR stores in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Among the stores operated by BAR Shinkai, “Toranomon BAR Shinkai” and “Shiba Daimon BAR Shinkai” are focusing on an assortment of domestic whisky and domestic craft gin.
All of our staff are active bartenders. We work at BAR almost every day, actually handle whisky, check the taste of each whisky, and accumulate various information through providing it to customers and relationships with various suppliers.

feeling the flow of Japanese craft whisky distilleries that have emerged since around 2016, I would like to contribute more to the “Japanese whisky industry” that will further develop in the future by accumulating the knowledge and know-how necessary for us to operate BAR. It was the trigger of the launch of this site that I came to think.

We hope that the information on this site will be of some use to everyone who loves Japanese whisky on a daily day, who attends bar and eats Japanese whisky, and those who are interested in Japanese whisky.

BAR Shinkai Hiroyuki Shinkai