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This site, “Japanese Whisky Dictionary” is operated by “BAR Shinkai,” which operates three bars in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

BAR Shinkai offers a wide range of beverages, including original and standard cocktails, wine, whisky, shochu, and sake, but we focus on our selection of Japanese whisky and domestic craft gin.

In addition to our wide selection of alcoholic beverages, we also offer a wide variety of dishes to make you feel at home from the very first table. We offer appetizers, salads, meat dishes, rice dishes, dry dishes, and our famous “Yakuzen Curry” is a must-try dish.


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how it all started

Most of our staff are active bartenders and service personnel. We work in the bar everyday, actually handle whisky, check the taste of each whisky, and accumulate a variety of information through serving customers and relationships with various suppliers.

Why did we start a web media called “Japanese Whisky Dictionary”?

For bartenders, the major asset is “knowledge” and “know-how” about alcohol, and BAR Shinkai’s asset is the “alcohol” that we purchase from manufacturers and liquor stores.

Due to the new Corona that started in the second half of 2019, the number of customers who come to drink alcohol has drastically decreased, and we are not even able to operate our BAR business.

However, we have been thinking “Is there anything we can do to help in this difficult time? We spent many days thinking and asking ourselves, “Is there anything we can do to help in these difficult times?

We thought that we could be of help to others by disseminating “knowledge,” “know-how,” and “information” about alcoholic beverages through the Internet.

Specializing in Japanese whisky

With the success of Suntory, Nikka, and Ichiro’s Malt, expectations for Japanese whisky rose, the world became interested in Japanese whisky, and obtaining and drinking Japanese whisky became a very high status.

The rapid development of Japanese craft whisky distilleries that have sprung up since around 2016 and their even higher reputation around the world is remarkable within the industry. Nowadays, there is a lot of information flying around about Japanese whisky.

We realized that we, bartenders, are the ones who understand Japanese whisky the best. I realized that we, bartenders, are the ones who understand Japanese whisky best.

I thought that by learning more about Japanese whisky, which is increasing all over Japan, and by understanding it more deeply, and by disseminating correct and more realistic information to the world, I would be able to help someone who is looking for information and also contribute to the “Japanese whisky industry” which is expected to develop in the future, We launched this site as an information site specialized in Japanese whisky.

We hope that the information on this site will be of some help to those who regularly drink Japanese whisky, to those who go to bars and enjoy Japanese whisky, and to those who are interested in Japanese whisky.

Chief Editor
BAR Shinkai Hiroyuki Shinkai