You can drink Akkeshi Whisky! “Dosankoshimanchu Festival until September 20” at Abeno Harukas, Osaka

“Dosankoshimanchu Festival” is a project aimed at developing local businesses and the local economy by bringing together Hokkaido and Okinawa under the slogan “Let’s energize Japan from Hokkaido and Okinawa!” is the slogan of this project, which aims to develop local businesses and the local economy by joining forces between …

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T&T TOYAMA Inami Aged Warehouse completed (first bottlers business in Japan)

Construction of the Inami Matured Warehouse for T&T TOYAMA, a joint project by Takahiko Inagaki of Saburomaru Distillery and Komei Shimono of Malt Yama, was completed on April 22, 2022. As the world’s first Japanese whiskey bottlers business, the casks of whiskey collected from several distilleries in Japan have been …

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