New Release

[January 18, 2022] Single Malt Tsunuki 2022 Edition

The official website of Hombo Shuzo has released information on the release of “Single Malt Tsunuki 2022 Edition” (limited to 35,800 bottles). The release date is January 18, 2022. In 2022, the distillery will celebrate its 6th season. This is the third release under the name of “Single Malt Tsunuki”. …

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Ichirose Malt & Grain Classical Edition (October 23, 2021)

There was information about the new release of Ichiro’s Malt from Venture Whiskey Chichibu Distillery. Suddenly on October 14th, information about the release of a new Ichiro’s Malt product was released on Twitter by a famous liquor store in the Kanto region. Two of the stores, Sase Sake Store in …

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[June 22, 2021] AMAHAGAN World Blended Edition Summer

The release information of AMAHAGAN World Blended Edition Summer was released on the news of the official website of Nagahama Roman Beer Company (Nagahama Distillery). The release date isJune 22, 2021. It will be sold at liquor stores nationwide and on the Nagahama Roman Beer website. AMAHAGAN World Blended Edition …

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