7. Whisky Distilleries in Shikoku Region

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7. Shikoku region

7-1. Nisshin Shuzo Awano-Distillery

Image source: Nissin Sake Brewery Company

Established on December 30, 1948 as a comprehensive manufacturer of alcoholic beverages under the motto “Every day is a new day” while maintaining the traditional skills of a sake brewery that has been in existence since the end of the Edo period.
The company offers products using local specialties, such as “AWA GIN” made from Tokushima Prefecture-grown Yamadanishiki grade rice, “Sudachi Shochu” liqueur, and “Naruto Kintoki Satomusume” authentic shochu.
Their sake “Hisago Taikou” has won the gold medal 19 times in the National New Sake Competition, and “AWA GIN” was awarded the IWSC Silver medal.
The Awano distillery, established on March 28, 2023, will be the first whiskey distillery in Shikoku, and is expected to start sales from April 2026.


176, Gun, Tsuchinari-cho, Awa City, Tokushima Prefecture, 771-1505, Japan

Access35 minutes drive from Tokushima Station
Start of operationMarch 28, 2023
Official HP

Nisshin Sake Brewery

ProductsAWA GIN Hyoutaiko Sudachi Shochu Naruto Kintoki Satomusume

Representative products of Awano-Distillery


7-2. Ume Bijin Shuzo Co. Distillery name unknown

Established in 1916 in Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture, the company produces a wide range of sake, liqueurs, shochu, and gin.

The company obtained a license to produce whiskey in 2023. There are very few posts about whiskey on their website and Instagram.

Well water drawn from a water vein 30 meters underground is used to brew sake. It is assumed that the same is used for the whiskey. It is currently unknown what type of distiller is used.


1557-2 Yawatahama, Ehime 796-0051

Access5 minutes drive from Yawatahama IC
Start of operation1916 Whiskey production license will be acquired in 2023
Official HP

Ume Bijin Shuzo official website


Japanese Sake “Ume Bijin” and “Takao”, Craft Gin “Caviar Lime” and “Citrus Bee

Representative products of Ume-Bijin Sake Brewery