Suntory Premium Highball Hakushu 【Clear Smoky】 to be released in limited quantities on June 11, 2024.

New Release
New Release
SuntoryHakushu Distillery

Suntory will release Suntory Premium Highball Hakushu 350ml can in limited quantities nationwide on June 11 (Tue.).

This will be the fourth highball can, following the release of Suntory Premium Highball Hakushu in 2023, Suntory Premium Highball Yamazaki in August, and Suntory Premium Highball Hakushu in December. This will be the fourth series of highball cans.

This is the newest in a series of highball cans that have all been well received. Pre-orders have already begun on Amazon and other retailers.


Where can I pre-order?

The set with Suntory The Premium Malts Master Dream is available for pre-order on Amazon. Pre-ordering is recommended to make sure you get it.

2. Suntory Premium Highball Hakushu .

This is the third installment of the Hakushu highball sensation. We have had the previous and second highballs, and they tasted great and were well received, so we have high expectations for the third installment. Please enjoy it in a glass with ice.

The flavor is characterized by a refreshing and pleasant smoky taste produced by the Hakushu Distillery. It is blended to be enjoyed with a glass of ice. The package depicts the Hakushu Distillery surrounded by rich nature on a bright green base reminiscent of a refreshing early summer. The word “Hakushu” is prominently displayed on the package to convey a sense of authenticity.

Reference: Suntory Premium Highball Hakushu 350ml cans to be released in limited quantities (

Product nameSuntory Premium Highball Hakushu
Sake categorySake
Number of bottlesLimited quantity
Degree of9% (not yet announced)
PriceSuggested retail price: 660 yen (tax included)
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