【Released on January 18, 2021】SINGLE MALT TSUNUKI PEATED ( Honbo Shuzo Co., Ltd.)

New Release
New Release
Tsunuki Distillery

【Updated on January 19, 2021】
The review article of “Single Malt TSUNUKI PEATED” has been uploaded. For more information, please click here.

It seems that Honbo Shuzo will be releasing a new product on January 18, 2021.
The product information is currently available on the official website.


Single malt whisky made mainly from peated malt
The Mars Tsunuki Distillery is now in its fifth year since its opening in 2016. The malt whisky is made with the high quality spring water from the Kurata mountain range, and is matured in the basin’s unique cold and warm climate.

The SINGLE MALT TSUNUKI PEATED is made from peated malt whisky distilled in the first season and aged in bourbon barrels. The pleasantly sweet and soft aroma is followed by a peat-derived smoky flavor that spreads across the palate, resulting in a bottle with a lingering taste that is typical of distilleries in the southernmost part of the mainland.
Reference: Single Malt Whisky / SINGLE MALT TUNUKI PEATED|Hombo Shuzo Co.

Type Single malt whisky
Raw material name malt
Barrel seed Bourbon-based
Number of packs 14,830 bottles
Frequency 50%
Distillery Mars Tsunuki Distillery

Mars Tsunuki Distillery


Hombo Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Honbo Shuzo, which has been consistently releasing limited edition products, has a new product this time, “Peated”.
Recently, Hokkaido’s Akkeshi Distillery and Saburoumaru Distillery have been producing a lot of peated type whiskies, and I think that Japanese whiskies will be producing more and more smoky peated type single malts like the ones in Scotland.
I will update the information when the release date of “Single Malt Tsunuki Peated” is announced.

About Honbo Shuzo Mars Tsunuki Distillery

The Single Malt Tsunuki Peated is produced at Honbo Shuzo’s Mars Tsunuki Distillery in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, which began operations in 2017.

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