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World Whiskies Awards 2024 – Japan Preliminary Round Results and List of Winning Products

The results of the category winners (Japanese qualifiers) of the World Whisky Awards 2024 have been announced. A large number of whiskies from whisky distilleries all over Japan were submitted, and many products won titles in each category. Full list of award-winning Japanese whisky products.

“Yamazaki Aged 25 Years” and “Hibiki 30 Years Old” won at the International Spirits Challenge 2023. Other GOLD and above award-winning products are also introduced.

Suntory's "Yamazaki Aged 25 Years" won the "Supreme Champion Spirit" award, the highest award in all categories, for the first time at the "ISC", a world-class liquor competition. Many other Japanese whiskies won awards. A list of Gold and above award-winning products are introduced here.

[2023 Edition] The 10 Best Japanese Whiskies to Give for Father’s Day

From classic Japanese whiskies that have long been a favorite to recently released hot products, we introduce authentic Japanese whiskies that are suitable as Father's Day gifts for 2023.
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Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery

After establishing the "Yamazaki Distillery" with Shinjiro Torii, the second whisky distillery in "Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery" in Japan, Masataka Taketsuru sought a climate and natural environment similar to that of Scotland in order to reproduce without any compromise the whisky making process he learned in Scotland, and he ended up in the northern land of "Yoichi". They sought a climate and natural environment similar to that of Scotland, and they found it in the northern land of "Yoichi". The distillation process that continues to this day, using direct coal-fired heating, is rare even in Scotland today.


"JAPANESE FES 2022 in TOKYO", a two-day gathering of Japanese whiskies, gins, and spirits, was held on December 17 (Sat.) and 18 (Sun.), 2022, hosted by the Whisky Culture Institute. We bring you the latest Japanese whisky trends.
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[Review] Single Malt Yoichi Aromatic Yeast

Japanese Whisky, Single Malt Yoichi Aromatic Yeast. The rare original whisky aged for more than 30 years in active casks was added to unite the aroma with freshness and a sense of gravity to reach a harmony as a whisky.
New Release

[Released on September 27, 2022] Single Malt Yoichi, Miyagikyo Aromatic Yeast

We focused on "a distinctive aroma created by differences in yeast used in fermentation". By imparting the aroma created by yeast, he brought out the unexpected personality that had been hidden.
New Release

[July 26, 2022 Release] Single malt Yoichi 10years old

It has a woody, sweet oak aroma, ripe banana notes, and a powerful, complex malt aroma. It also has a sweet and sour and peaty taste.

[October 1, 2022] Nikka Whisky price increase

Asahi Beer announced that it will raise the prices of some of its products starting with shipments on October 1, 2022. The price increase will apply to 10 whisky products, including "Single Malt Yoichi" and "Single Malt Miyagikyo" in the Japanese whisky category. Standard-priced products such as "Black Nikka" are excluded.
New Release

For Duty Free Shops at Airports [On Sale April 12, 2022] Single Malt Yoichi Grande and Single Malt Miyagikyo Grande

A bottle that further enhances the brand characteristics of Yoichi and MiyagiKyo. In Yoichi, it is "Pete" , and in MiyagiKyo, it is an "elegant" part.