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[Furusato Nouzei] Akkeshi Blended Whisky Daikan & Akkeshi’s Seasonal Seafood Set on Sale

The latest release from the Atsugishi Distillery, ” Atsugishi Blended Whisky Daichan” is now available at Furusato. This time, the strongest set includes “Seasonal delicacies of the sea that Atsukishi is proud of” from the Akkeshi Fishermen’s Association. The set includes a bottle of “Akkeshi Blended Whisky Daishan” , “Oyster …

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[Review] Akkeshi Blended Whisky DAIKAN

Akkeshi Blended Whisky Daikan, the sixth release in the Akkeshi Whisky “24 Season Series” . This is the first release in three months since the last single malt Japanese whisky Ritto was released. Part 1 Single Malt Whisky Kanro October 28, 2020 release Second release Blended Whisky Usui February 28, …

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“World Whiskies Awards 2022” Japan Qualifier Results Announcement and List of Award Winners

The World Whiskies Awards, a whisky competition to select the best whisky in each category from among whisky entries from around the world, has announced the results of the preliminary rounds for each country for 2022. In this article, I will introduce the results of the first round in Japan, …

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