[Hombo Brewery] Whisky catalog page is now available.

The sixth installment of the Product Introduction Catalog Page where you can buy Japanese Whisky is now available.

We have compiled information on Japanese whisky sales scattered all over the web, by maker and by brand, including products released in the past, in an easy-to-understand manner, in the hope of helping our visitors to purchase Japanese whisky.


The sixth installment is Hombo Shuzo Mars Whisky. In terms of products, “Single Malt Komagatake” made at the Mars Shinshu Distillery is well-known, but in 2016, the Mars Tsunuki Distillery operated at the knee of our headquarters in Kagoshima. In 2016, Mars Tsunuki Distillery was opened in Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, and started selling “Single Malt Tsunuki” .


Other standard items will also be introduced, including the blended malt “Maltage Cosmo” and the blended whisky “Iwai Tradition” .

1. Single Malt Komagadake

2. Single Malt Komagadake Aging/Finish

3. Single Cask Komagatake

4. Single Malt Tsunuki

シングルモルト津貫 THE FIRST 59度 700ml

シングルモルト津貫 THE FIRST 59度 700ml

¥25,990(as of 09/24 11:47)
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5. MARSMALT Le Papillon

6. Blended Malt

7. Blended Whisky

マルス 岩井 トラディション 40度 750ml

マルス 岩井 トラディション 40度 750ml

¥1,760(as of 09/25 00:29)
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マルス 信州 長野県限定 40度 720ml

マルス 信州 長野県限定 40度 720ml

¥1,530(as of 09/25 01:42)
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8. Furusato Nouzei

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