The goal was reached within 3 hours of the start of the project! “Komada -A Whisky Family-” The project to revive the fantastic whisky “KOMA” has started!

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On November 10, 2023, the theatrical animation “Komada -A Whisky Family-” was finally released to the public. Many whisky lovers have been waiting for its release.
From the first day of the movie, many lovers, movie fans, and animation fans must have visited the movie theaters.

A crowdfunding project to revive “KOMA,” the fantastic whisky that appears in the movie “Komada -A Whisky Family-,” has been launched and has already surpassed its goal within 3 hours of its launch, exceeding it by more than 2.5 times. (As of November 12, 2023).

It will be interesting to see how much support the project receives at the end of the project, but we can expect that the higher the amount of support, the higher the quality of the product. We can also expect that the more the amount of support, the higher the quality of the products will be.

Now, let’s take a look at the details of the project.


1. What is “Komada -A Whisky Family-“?

“Komada -A Whisky Family-,” a theatrical animation set in a Japanese craft whisky distillery, will be released on November 10, 2023, and is the latest in the P.A. WORKS “Work Series”.

Hanasaku Iroha,” “SHIROBAKO,” “Sakura Quest,” “The Aquatope on White Sand“.
P.A.WORKS has been depicting characters who struggle daily with the theme of “work.” The latest in the “Work Series” by P.A.WORKS is set in a Japanese whiskey distillery that is attracting attention around the world.
The story is about a young female president who struggles to revive a distillery on the brink of extinction and aims to revive the “fantastic whisky” that connects the family ties.

崖っぷち蒸留所の再起に奮闘する、若き女社長が、家族の絆をつなぐ”幻のウイスキー”復活を目指す、P.A. WORKS「お仕事シリーズ」初のオリジナル長編アニメーション!大ヒット上映中!!

After the death of her father, a young female president, Komada Rui (CV: Saori Hayami), takes over her family’s Komada Distillery and tries to rebuild the distillery, which is in financial difficulties. As a first step, Rui releases the whisky “WAKABA” and attracts attention as an up-and-coming blender.

The story is about a family that has been separated by a disaster, which has resulted in the loss of the original whisky and the inability to produce it, and the daily struggle with Kotaro Takahashi (CV: Kensho Ono), a reporter for a news website, to revive the fantastic whisky “KOMA,” which can be called a “family bond” that connects the family.

(Reference: “Komada -A Whisky Family-” animated film: Project to revive the fantastic whisky “KOMA”)

The whisky setting for “Komada -A Whisky Family-” was supervised by Takahiko Inagaki, the representative and master blender of the whisky distillery “Saburomaru Distillery ” in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture, and the founder of Japanese whisky bottler “T&T TOYAMA“.

He himself successfully rebuilt the aging distillery in 2015 through crowdfunding and revived it as a distillery that can be toured.

三郎丸蒸留所 | 富山で、守り続ける。 富山から、変えてゆく。
若鶴酒造「三郎丸蒸留所」は、守り続けてきた伝統に革新を重ねて、 富山の地ならではのウイスキーを日本全国へ、世界へ、発信していきます。

2. Purpose of Crowdfunding

The film “Komada -A Whisky Family-” is the first film in the world to depict the appeal of whisky, the people who work at the distillery, and the people involved in the industry in the form of animation.

This is a project to revive “KOMA,” which appears in the film as a “fantastic whisky,” in the real world, with the hope that many people will learn about the appeal of whisky and become interested in Japanese craft whisky distilleries, and that the boom in Japanese whisky will become a cultural phenomenon.

T&T TOYAMA“, Japan’s first Japanese whisky bottler, has taken on the challenge of this project in cooperation with various craft distilleries in Japan and hopes to boost the Japanese whisky industry through this project.

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3. Crowdfunding details

We aim to commercialize two whiskies, “KOMA” and “WAKABA”, which appear in the play, by actually collecting and blending the original whisky from various distilleries in Japan.

3-1. Blended Malt Japanese Whisky “KOMA”

The whisky “KOMA”, which will be revived as a commercial product, is a smoky whisky, key malt is Quercus crispula, and it is matured in special casks.

“KOMA” is back as a blended malt Japanese whisky by collecting and blending original whisky from various distilleries in Japan, 100% distilled and matured in Japan, and commercialized to meet Japanese whisky standards.

The key malt will be Mizunara oak cask whisky from the Saburomaru Distillery. The blend will be supervised by Takahiko Inagaki, master blender at the Saburomaru Distillery.

“KOMA” is also said to be matured in a certain special cask, which is a secret and will be a treat when the product arrives in your hands.

The following six whisky distilleries are cooperating in this project by supplying the original whisky, etc.

  1. Eigashima Distillery
  2. Kameda Distillery
  3. Sakurao Distillery
  4. Saburomaru Distillery
  5. Nagahama Distillery
  6. 00 Distillery (secret)

3-2. Blended malt whisky “WAKABA”

The whisky “WAKABA”, which will be revived as a commercial product, has a fresh and gentle taste with a smoky aftertaste.

As an up-and-coming female blender, she is quickly gaining recognition in the industry, and this blended malt whisky, “WAKABA,” was the catalyst for her rise to fame.
This blended malt whisky was blended to have a fresh and gentle taste with a smoky aftertaste, inspired by the “WAKABA” in the play. The blend was also supervised by Takahiko Inagaki.

4. Return details

The return items for this project are as follows.
Probably, the support will be gathered around the return of limited edition whisky “KOMA” and “WAKABA”.

P.A.WORKS President Horikawa & Director Yoshihara Talk Event & Autograph Session & Taishogura Special Screening: 100,000 yen

Special screening of “Komada -A Whisky Family-” (with distillery tour and party)

Scheduled date: Saturday, April 27, 2024

P.A.WORKS President Horikawa and Director Yoshihara will be invited to a talk event and autograph session at the Taisho warehouse on the grounds of the Saburomaru Distillery. After the talk event, a special screening of the film “Komada -A Whisky Family-” will be held, followed by a tour of the distillery and a party served by Tanzaburo from the warehouse.

Limited edition whisky “WAKABA” and “KOMA” & special catalog: 50,000 yen

・One bottle each of “WAKABA” and “KOMA” (total 2 bottles, 700ml)
・”KOMA” original box
・”Komada -A Whisky Family-” special catalog

Limited edition whisky “KOMA” & special catalog: 40,000 yen

・”KOMA” 1 bottle (700ml)
・”KOMA” original box
・”Komada -A Whisky Family-” special catalog

Limited edition whisky “WAKABA” & special catalog: 15,000 yen

・”WAKABA” 1 bottle (700ml)
・”Komada -A Whisky Family-” special catalog

Komada Distillery Original Jacket: 22,000 yen

・The Komada Distillery jacket that Ryusei wears in the film.

Original T-shirt & special catalog: 10,000 yen

・T-shirt with a large teaser printed on the front
・Special catalog of “Komada -A Whisky Family-“

Full support Thank you e-mail: 3,000 yen

・Sending a thank-you email to all supporters

[For corporations] Name on a cask used for “KOMA” & display at Saburomaru Distillery: 100,000 yen

・The name of your company will be written on the casks used in the reproduction of “KOMA” and displayed at the Saburomaru Distillery.

5. Summary

This film will be appreciated not only by whisky lovers, but also by many movie and animation fans. It will be a great opportunity to introduce the appeal of whisky and the excellence of whisky making to those who have little interest in whisky, and it will have a great impact on the development of whisky.

崖っぷち蒸留所の再起に奮闘する、若き女社長が、家族の絆をつなぐ”幻のウイスキー”復活を目指す、P.A. WORKS「お仕事シリーズ」初のオリジナル長編アニメーション!大ヒット上映中!!

With the cooperation of several craft distilleries, the event has already started to organize a lottery for the sale of whisky in collaboration with the movie, and is designed to develop into “obtaining whisky” and “enjoying whisky” in conjunction with “watching movies”.

崖っぷち蒸留所の再起に奮闘する、若き女社長が、家族の絆をつなぐ”幻のウイスキー”復活を目指す、P.A. WORKS「お仕事シリーズ」初のオリジナル長編アニメーション!大ヒット上映中!!

I think the purpose of this crowdfunding project, ‘ “Komada -A Whisky Family-” animated film: Project to revive the fantastic whisky “KOMA”,’ is to make the movie “Komada -A Whisky Family-” even more exciting.

Why don’t you support this project, which will not only allow you to obtain a fantastic whisky, but will also influence the development of whisky culture in Japan?

Misato Ushiwata

Born in Fukushima Prefecture.
She attended a university in Tokyo, where she studied brewing and other sciences while translating articles for the "Japanese Whisky Dictionary".

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