Saburomaru PEAT EMOTION Event Report & New Product “Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR” Release Information

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Saburomaru Distillery

We will briefly introduce the contents of the Saburomaru PEAT EMOTION held on June 21, along with information on the newly released Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR.


1. About Saburomaru Distillery

Saburomaru Distillery

Location 208, Saburomaru, Tonami, Toyama 939-1308
Start of operation 1953 (renovated in 2016)

The only distillery in Hokuriku established in 1952.

It obtained a license to produce whisky in 1952 amidst the postwar rice shortage. Since then, they brew sake in winter and distill whisky during the rest of the year. They make 200 bottles of whisky a year. Plans are underway to make 300 bottles in the future.
Since the beginning, they have been focusing on smoky whisky, using Islay peated malt and recently peated malt from Toyama Prefecture. To preserve the natural flavor, no cooling filtration or coloring is used.

In 2018, we installed a state-of-the-art mash tun from Miyake Seisakusho.
In 2019, we collaborated with a local company, Oigo Seisakusho, to develop a cast pod still, “ZEMON”.
In 2020, one wooden fermentation tank was introduced.

The major difference from other distilleries is the use of theworld’s first cast pod still “ZEMON”.

There are three major features.
(1) The casting method enables molding by molds, which makes it possible to manufacture in a short period of time. Also, it is possible to provide sufficient wall thickness at a low cost, and thus a longer service life can be expected for the body.
(2) Free molding by the casting method allows for a variety of sake qualities. Also, by unitizing the parts, it is possible to replace only worn parts or expand the functions.
(3) Made of a copper-tin alloy containing about 90% copper and 8% tin. Tin is a high-grade metal that is traded at about three times the price of copper.
Tin has been used since ancient times to mellow the taste of sake and has been used in sake vessels and shochu coolers. ZEMON contributes to the production of high quality spirits through the dual effects of copper and tin.
Reference: Wakatsuru Shuzo official website

For information on Saburomaru Distillery, please see also here↓.

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2. PEAT EMOTION Event Report

This event was held in three parts for media, related parties, and whiskey fans (by lottery).

At Daikanyama Tsutaya SHARE LOUNGE

  • The event started with a greeting by Mr. Takahiko Inagaki, President of Wakatsuru Shuzo.

  • History of Saburomaru Distillery and introduction of the distillery

A brief timeline of the distillery’s distilling history after the restart of the Saburomaru Distillery.

Fiscal year Malt Mash tun Yeast Fermentation tank Still
Before 2016 Highland peat Half century ago saccharification tank Yale only Enamel Old
2017 Yale + Whisky Old Modified
2018 Miyake Manufacturing
2019 ZEMON

Highland Pete
Ira Peat

wooden bucket
2021 Mature ale
+ Whisky
2022 Hollow
Wooden vat x 2
2023 Miyake Mfg. 3rd wort Pressed yeast + Ale + Whisky

The original equipment itself was quite old, and even Mr. Inagaki was not allowed to enter the distilling building because it was dangerous. From there, the building was renovated through crowdfunding and new equipment was installed while distilling continues to this day.

  • Single Malt Saburomaru IV THE EMEROR information release

The new Saburomaru IV is described below.

The reason for the tarot card is said to be a combination of the tarot card, which is a “story of the growth of the soul,” and “the growth of spirits,” which is the original alcohol.

  • Comparison of Saburomaru III and IV

  • Individual Question

There was also an exhibition booth and other booths at the Saburomaru Distillery in the hall.

I attended the second part of the event, which was for related parties. 80 people attended, including people from the BAR industry, liquor sales, and other distilleries.

The Saburomaru Distillery has changed to a two-shift system this year, and has installed new equipment with the aim of doubling production. It is likely that a barley milling facility will be built as well.

3. Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR

Tarot No. Product Name Release Date
0: THE FOOL Sanromaru 0 THE FOOL November 12, 2020
1: THE MAGICIAN Saburomaru I THE MAGICIAN November 29, 2021
2: The Female Pope Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS November 24, 2022
3: The Empress Saburomaru III THE EMPRESS November 24, 2023
4: THE EMPEROR Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR June 27, 2024

The fifth product, Saburomaru IV THE THEEMPEROR, is almost the same as the previous Saburomaru III THE EMPRESS in terms of barrel composition, etc., with the only difference being the origin of the peat.

The “Empress” of III has a somewhat feminine nuance with the use of Islay peated.

The IV “Emperor” is straight and powerful with smokiness from Highland peat, and masculine nuances like dry wood burning.

3-1. Product Specifications

Product Name Single Malt
“Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR”
Single malt
“Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR Cask Strength”
Distinction by alcohol Single Malt Japanese Whisky Single Malt Japanese Whisky
Ingredients Highland Peat Malt Highland Peat Malt
cask alcohol Bourbon Main Bourbon Main
Number of bottles 12,500 bottles 1,900 bottles
Degree of alcohol content 48% 60%
Price 15,400 yen (including tax) 20,900 yen (tax included)
Manufactory Saburomaru Distillery
Manufacturer Wakatsuru Shuzo Co.


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