Hibiki Japanese Harmony unveils the design for the 100th anniversary bottle of Hibiki 21 Years Old


“Hibiki Japanese Harmony Anniversary Edition” and “Hibiki 21 Years Old Anniversary Edition” designs commemorating the 100th anniversary of whisky making are now available.

Suntory is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its whisky production this year in 2023, and has been selling “Single Malt Yamazaki” and “Single Malt Hakushu” with new 100th anniversary commemorative labels. The 100th anniversary bottle designs for “Hibiki Japanese Harmony” and “Hibiki 21 Years Old” have been released on the Suntory global website. No information on the release in Japan has been announced yet.


1. Hibiki Japanese Harmony 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Design

1-1. Concept

The bottle design of “Hibiki JAPANESE HARMONY 100th ANNIVERSARY EDITION” was inspired by Suntory’s relentless pursuit of quality, ingenuity, and expression rooted in manufacturing and Japanese culture.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Suntory Whisky, the design features a bridge decorated with snow, moon, and flowers, a traditional Japanese natural beauty, to represent the changing seasons.

The bridge is connected to each of the four seasons that connect our past and future, with the hope that tradition and history will never be forgotten and will always be respected as we move into the future.

The unique 24-hedron bottle represents the 24 hours of the day and the 24 seasons of the Japanese year.

(Source: Hibiki® Japanese Harmony 100th Anniversary | House Of Suntory)

The 100th anniversary limited edition design of “Hibiki JAPANESE HARMONY” expresses Suntory’s philosophy of “symbiosis between people and nature”. The “Setsugetsuka” depicted on the bottle expresses the elegant view of each of the four seasons: snow in winter, moon in autumn and flowers in spring, which are representative of the natural beauty of the four seasons in Japan.

The label is a perfect representation of the Hibiki Japanese Harmony concept: “Whisky that brings together the four seasons of Japan, the delicate sensibilities of the Japanese people, and the skills of Japanese artisans.”

1-2. Tasting Notes

FragranceRose, lychee, hint of rosemary, mature woodiness, sandalwood
TasteHoneyed sweetness, candied orange peel, white chocolate
FINISHDelicate, gentle, long finish with hints of quercus crispus.

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2. Hibiki 21 Years Old 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Design

2-1. Concept

Enhanced with Mizunara Oak

To celebrate 100 years of Japanese whisky, Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo and his team of blenders challenged themselves to rethink the art of blending for Hibiki. Instead of using traditional sherry casks, they decided to honor their Japanese heritage by using the legendary Mizunara oak casks. The final blend explored how a single detail can alter the harmony of the whole, resulting in this special whisky.

(Source: Hibiki® Japanese Harmony 100 Anniversary | House Of Suntory)

This 100th anniversary limited edition whisky is a perfect blend of several malt whiskies and grain whiskies. The blend is not the usual Hibiki 21 Years Old blend of mainly sherry casks, but a blend that pays homage to the Japanese tradition by strengthening the use of “Mizunara oak casks”.

Not only the label design, but also the blend is limited to the 100th anniversary, making it an increasingly interesting product for connoisseurs.

2-2. Tasting Notes

ColorTender gold
FragranceClassy and elegant with top notes of kumquat and jasmine.
TasteSlightly sweet floral flavors and perfume harmonize with spiced sandalwood and agarwood.
FinishLong and deep with spicy Mizunara wood aroma.

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3. Past design bottles (design bottles)

Hibiki has released several design labels in the past to express its concept. All of them are beautifully designed, skillfully expressing Japan’s world heritage sites, traditional culture, traditional arts, and the changing seasons.

The prices are quite premium, though,

4. Finally

The release of the previous 100th anniversary commemorative bottles of Yamazaki and Hakushu were released first on the global website, and the release of the 100th anniversary design of Hibiki was also released first on the global website.

As a Japanese, I feel a little disappointed, but since “Hibiki” has gained worldwide popularity and recognition, I guess I have no choice but to say so. We would like to see the information released on the Japanese site as soon as possible.

Also, the label design of the regular Yamazaki and Hakushu has been changed to the 100th anniversary label for distribution, but we are wondering how the Hibiki will be distributed.

Since the label specifications are quite different from those of the regular product, we expect that both products will be sold in limited quantities by lottery. We will continue to watch for more information.

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