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【Review】INAZUMA World Blended Whisky Extra Selected Edition No.3

On May 31, 2022, this was achieved by exchanging malt whiskey from three distilleries in Japan: Nagahama Distillery, Eigashima Distillery, and Saburomaru Distillery. Two blended whiskeys, “INAZUMA Edition No.3”, were released in a limited edition. The “INAZUMA Blended Malt Japanese Whiskey Synergy Blend Edition No. 3” and “INAZUMA World Blended …

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[July 12, 2022 Release] AMAHAGAN×Sleepy Barmaid Part 2 Part 3

Nagahama Distillery’s “AMAHAGAN” and Pao Hayakawa’s very popular comic “Sleepy Barmaid” have decided to release their second and third collaboration bottles. “AMAHAGAN World Malt Sleepy Barmaid Bottle – Kiho Ibuki” and “AMAHAGAN World Spirits Sleepy Barmaid Bottle – Hiyoko Hinosaki” will be available in limited quantities from July 12, 2022. …

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“World Whiskies Awards 2022” Japan Qualifier Results Announcement and List of Award Winners

The World Whiskies Awards, a whisky competition to select the best whisky in each category from among whisky entries from around the world, has announced the results of the preliminary rounds for each country for 2022. In this article, I will introduce the results of the first round in Japan, …

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