[Release in late July] YUZA 2024 (Yuza Distillery)

New Release
New Release
Yuza Distillery

Information on the releaseofYUZA2024 from Yuza Distillery, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. The new release information and the past products are also introduced.


1. YUZA 2024

“YUZA 2024”, a single malt Japanese whisky, will be released in late July 2024.

This year, YUZA 2024 will be the “starting point” of YUZA Distillery’s house style single malt Japanese whiskey.
The original whisky is carefully selected from those matured in bourbon casks. It is characterized by its clean, fruity taste and sweet, vanilla-like flavor.

“YUZA 2024” has evolved and gained depth through maturation. Please enjoy it as a “staple” of the Yuza Distillery.

Characteristics of aroma and taste
In a word, “clean, sweet and fruity”. Vanilla, honey, and fruity sweet aroma. Fine and clean sake quality, smooth, refined and well-balanced taste.

Reference: New Product Information | Yuza Distillery (yuza-disty.jp )

Suggested Retail Price 13,750 yen (tax included)
Release date Late July, 2024
Volume 700ml
Alcohol content 51%
Cask alcohol

2. What is Yuza Distillery?

Image credit: Yuza Distillery Facebook

The Yuza Distillery is the third whisky distillery in the Tohoku region, and was established in Yuza-machi, Yamagata Prefecture in 2018 by Kinryu Co.

Yuza-cho is blessed with fresh, clean air and water from Mt. Chokai, which has been selected as one of the “100 best water towns” in Japan, and is ideal for producing top-quality whisky.

The pot stills used are made by Forsyth, and five fermentation tanks are made of Canadian bay pine. The process and aging methods are also based on Scottish methods, with young whisky not being casked, and only whisky that has been fully matured to its satisfaction is produced, focusing only on single malts. Because it is a small distillery that cannot mass-produce whisky, they go to great lengths in every detail to produce the highest quality whisky with the utmost care.

Yuza Distillery Whisky
“TLAS” concept

The whisky produced at Yuza Distillery is based on the concept of “TLAS,” which stands for
Tiny, Lovely, Authentic, and Supreme.
The concept of the distillery is “TLAS”, which stands for the initials of the above.

The Yuza Distillery is a very small distillery for a whisky distillery, with a site area of approximately 4,550 square meters and a distillery area of approximately 620 square meters. The exterior of the distillery may look small and cute, but the whisky produced here is authentic and of the highest quality. While using traditional production methods, the distillery also has a Japanese style of “monozukuri” (craftsmanship), which makes it a one-of-a-kind Japanese whisky.

Quote from Yuza’s official website

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3. Whiskies released by Yuza Distillery in the past

3-1. YUZA First Edition 2022

[Review] YUZA First Edition 2022
Yuza First Edition, the long-awaited first release, has finally been released by Yusa Distillery. A review is provided.
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