[November 24, 2022 release] Single Malt Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Saburomaru Distillery)

New Release
New Release
Saburomaru Distillery

Saburomaru Distillery has released information on the release of their new products, “Single Malt Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS” and “Single Malt Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS Cask Strength.” The release date is November 24, 2022.
This is the third release following “Saburomaru 0 THE FOOL” released in 2020 and “Saburomaru I THE MAGICIAN” released in 2021.

“ZEMON” distilled first single malt whisky

This time, the label design is for “THE HIGH PRIESTESS.”

The motif is based on Tarot cards (consisting of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana), and “THE HIGH PRIESTESS” (No. 2 of 22 Major Arcana) is used to represent “copper and tin, and a solid vessel created by the combination of the first and second distillation. The label is based on the meaning of a solid vessel created by the combination of copper and tin, and the first and second distillation.”

Created by Yukie Kano, a paper cutout artist from Himi City.

Lottery registration for “Single Malt Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS Cask Strength” has started at 1:00 p.m. on 11/18 (Thu) at the Wakatsuru Brewery online store “Me and ALC”.

1. About lottery applications

Lottery applications for “Single Malt Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS Cask Strength” are now open to “Me and ALC” members only. Click here for the application form.

Registration for “Me and ALC” membership is required. ALC member’s customer ID is required at the time of application. Click here for the member application page.

Once again, there will be a 6-question quiz with a high degree of difficulty, which is a regular feature of the Saburomaru Distillery lottery application.
The winning ratio seems to change according to the number of correct answers. The more you answer all the questions correctly, the higher the percentage of winning, so you should try to answer as many questions as possible correctly.


*There is a Food & Beverage Store Quota”.
There is a “Food & Beverage Establishment Quota” in addition to the regular lottery quota.

When applying as a food and beverage restaurant, you need to fill in the name of your restaurant on the application form.


Application period: Friday, November 18, 13:00 – Thursday, November 24, 23:59
Winners: Only winners will be notified. Winners will be notified by e-mail to the e-mail address entered in the application form. Shipment will begin on November 30 (Wed.).

2. Single malt Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS

Two in one. Time to open the door to the truth.

In 2019, the world’s first cast iron pot still “ZEMON” started operation at the Saburomaru distillery. Manufactured using the casting technology of Takaoka Copperware, which has a long history and tradition, this distillation still is highly durable, and the dual effects of copper and tin have resulted in a mellow and refined sake quality. The innovation was patented in Japan and the UK, fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming an inventor. Copper and tin. And the spirits produced by the combination of the two, the first distillation and the second distillation, are truly immaculate vessels. How the future will be drawn, this is the true start.

Takahiko Inagaki, Saburomaru Distillery

Reference: Single malt whisky “Saburomaru II (Second) THE HIGH PRIESTESS” released | What’s New | Wakatsuru Shuzo Co.

Product name

Single Malt Saburomaru II
Cask Strength

Single Malt Saburomaru II

By Sake Single Malt
Japanese Whisky
Single Malt
Japanese Whisky
Ingredients Malt
(Hebey Peated 50PPM)
Cask Type
Number of bottles 600 bottles 6,000 bottles
Number of bottles 61%  48% 
Price 18,150 yen (including tax) 13,750 yen (tax included)
Manufactory Saburomaru Distillery
Manufacturer Wakatsuru Shuzo Co.

3. About Saburomaru Distillery

The only whisky distillery in Hokuriku, founded in 1952.
It obtained a license to produce whiskey in 1952 amidst the postwar rice shortage. Since then, they have been brewing sake in winter and Whisky distilled for the rest of the year and brews 200 bottles a year. They make 200 bottles a year. They are planning to make 300 bottles in the future.
Since the beginning, they have been particular about smoky whisky and have been brewing with Islay peated malt and recently Toyama peated malt The whisky is brewed with Islay peated malt and more recently with In order to preserve the natural flavor, no cooling filtration or coloring is used.


In 2018, we installed a state-of-the-art mash tun from Miyake Manufacturing.
In 2019, we collaborated with a local company, Oigo Seisakusho, to develop a cast pod still “ZEMON”. to develop a cast pod still.
In 2020, one wooden fermentation tank is installed.

A major difference from other distilleries is the use of “ZEMON”, the world’s first cast pod still.

There are three main features.
(1) The casting method enables mold forming and quick delivery. Also, it is possible to add sufficient wall thickness at a low cost, which increases the service life of the main body.
(2) Free molding by the casting method allows for various types of sake quality. Also, by unitizing the parts, it is possible to replace only worn parts or expand the functions.
(3) Made of a copper-tin alloy containing about 90% copper and 8% tin. Tin is a high-grade metal that is traded at about three times the price of copper.

Tin has been used since ancient times mellow the taste of alcohol. It is said to be the most expensive metal in the world, and has been used for sake vessels and shochu coolers. ZEMON contributes to the production of high quality spirits through the dual effects of copper and tin. to the production of high quality spirits. It is also used as a cooler for sake and shochu.

Reference: Wakatsuru Sake Brewery’s official website

4. Single malt whiskies released in the past from Saburomaru distillery

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