“Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro” sold on JAL international flights (October-November), limited to advance reservations

Akkeshi Distillery

“Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro” will be on sale on JAL’s international flights from October to November. Sold only to members with advance reservations.

JAL’s international in-flight sales for October and November will include “Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro” from the hard-to-find “Akkeshi Distillery” Japanese whisky.
It is already listed in the digital catalog. This sale seems to be limited to “JMB Diamond and JGC Premier members” and only available for advance reservation.

If you are eligible to purchase and are planning to travel abroad, please do not miss this opportunity!

In addition, “Kanosuke Single Malt” is on sale on JAL’s international in-flight sales from August to September, and products from emerging distilleries continue to be listed.

Single malt Kanosuke to be sold ...
Single malt Kanosuke is sold on JAL international flights through JAL's in-flight sales service, which offers a selection of international and domestic brands.

1. JAL’s international in-flight sales

JAL’s international in-flight sales offer a selection of international and domestic brand items, including flight attendant recommended products, JAL original in-flight products, and limited items available only at JAL.

2. Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro

“Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro” is the latest product in the “Akkeshi Whisky Twenty-Four solar terms Series” and the 12th in the series, which was released at the end of August 2023.

The key malt is “All Hokkaido Whisky in Quercus barrels”.

It is partially made from Hokkaido barley and aged for more than 3 years in Hokkaido Quercus barrels. The aroma is characterized by a slightly strong peat aroma with a smoky smell that is different from the peatiness of the previous Akkeshi.
The oriental aroma peculiar to Quercus serrata is gradually coming to the surface. Although the smokiness is emphasized in the aroma, the taste is not so smoky, but rather bitter with a slight sweetness of citrus peel that gradually emerges.

[Review]Akkeshi Single Malt Japa...
Aged for more than 3 years in Hokkaido oak barrels, etc., with some of the original barley made from barley produced in Hokkaido. The aroma is characterized by ...
厚岸 シングルモルト ジャパニーズ ウイスキー 白露 (はくろ)

3. How to purchase

Regarding the purchase of “Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro” at JAL international flight in-flight sales, two points need to be confirmed and noted.

*Please note that not all passengers who board international flights are eligible.

3-1. Sales for members only

The “Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro” listed in the JAL international in-flight sales catalog is a “advance reservation only product”, as indicated in the upper right corner of the catalog.

In order to make advance reservations, you must be a member of the following.

JMB Diamond and JGC Premier members

First, please confirm that you are a member eligible for advance reservations.

3-2. Only available for advance reservation

In addition, this is an “advance reservation only” product, so even if you are eligible to purchase, please be sure to make your reservation at least 72 hours prior to your flight. Detailed conditions are as follows

Reception period

From the same day three months prior to the departure date up to 72 hours prior to the departure date.

If there is no such date 3 months prior, the date will be the last day of the month 3 months prior.

Target audience

JMB Diamond and JGC Premier members

Target route

JAL International Medium & Long Haul Routes

European lineLondon, Paris, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Moscow
North American routeNew York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Dallas-Fort Worth, Seattle, Vancouver
Hawaiian LineHawaii Route – Honolulu, Kona
Oceania LineSydney, Melbourne
Asian LineBangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Delhi, Bengaluru

Reservation Contact

Japan District MembersDiamond Premier Reservations Desk
Overseas District MembersReservation Centers in each area and JAL Mileage Bank Centers

How to use the service

(1) Seat reservation for your flight

(2) Advance reservations for in-flight sales items

(3) Payment and pick-up of reserved items onboard

4. Other information about Akkeshi Whisky

For other information on Akkeshi Whisky, please see here.

Product Reviews

[Review]Akkeshi Single Malt Japa...
Aged for more than 3 years in Hokkaido oak barrels, etc., with some of the original barley made from barley produced in Hokkaido. The aroma is characterized by ...
[Review] Akkeshi Single Malt Jap...
"Keichitsu" is savory and sweet, with a slight peaty aftertaste. It also has a sweet, whole wheat cookie-like aroma.

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Video distribution

[YouTube Video #11] Introduction...
This time we will introduce you to the Akkeshi Distillery, located in East Hokkaido, next to Kushiro. Basic information about Akkeshi Distillery and points to n...
429 Too Many Requests

Distillery Report

Akkeshi Distillery: Visit Report...
Kenten Ltd. , which has been producing whisky in Akkeshi-cho, East Hokkaido since 2016, presents a report on a visit to the Akkeshi Distillery in May 2023.

5. Finally

JAL international in-flight sales have so far featured world-famous whisky brands with the most premium models among them. In this digital catalog, “Ballantine Aged 21 Years” and “Ballantine Aged 30 Years” are also listed on the page to the right of “Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro,” and seeing Akkeshi whisky listed side by side with world-famous whiskies, as a lover of Japanese whisky, I was very happy As a Japanese whisky lover, I was very happy to see Atsugishi whisky on the list.

In the previous issue (August-September), “Kanosuke Single Malt” was sold on JAL international flights. The same is true of the “Akkeshi Single Malt Hakuro” in this issue. Both are new distilleries that newly started making whisky around 2016, and the vintage of their products is only about 3 to 4 years old. The fact that they are handled for in-flight sales on international flights despite their short maturity is, needless to say, proof that they are recognized as “premium whisky” and that their high quality is also recognized. Therefore, the whisky is quickly running out of stock in the market, and its rarity is increasing.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of Japanese whisky will be featured in the next issue of JAL’s international in-flight sales.

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