Ken’s Choice NATURE OKINAWA BLUE September 1, 2023 Launch

New Release
New Release

Kumesen Shuzo Co., a long-established sake brewer for over 70 years that makes Awamori Kumesen and rice whisky Okinawa Blue, collaborated with Ken’s bar, a bourbon and jazz bar.
Since pre-orders were taken on a first-come, first-served basis, the product was already sold out.
However, it will be available at Ken’s bar and OKINAWA BLUE Naha Airport Store and Heiwa Street Store from September 18, so those who are in the area or who will be traveling may want to try to get their hands on one.


1.Kumesen Brewery

Under the motto of “making sake one step ahead to create a prosperous present and future,” Kume-Sen Sake Brewery was involved in the production of barrel-aged sake using bourbon barrels in 1989, one of the first in Japan, and has spent more than 30 years refining its barrel-aged sake production techniques.
In 2020, the 24-year-old barrel-aged sake “Whale 1996” 50° was pre-sold through crowdfunding and sold out after collecting 8.78 million yen in support purchases.
The “Okinawa Blue 8 Years” was put on crowdfunding as a countdown project to the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding, and garnered 15.71 million yen in support.
Many innovative products were made during the production of Awamori, and the Awamori industry’s first table-top bottle, “Kumesen Green Bottle,” was released at a time when only one square bottle was still available, quickly gaining recognition.
The company also continues to innovate with the introduction of “Yattaruzo,” the industry’s first awamori stored in oak barrels, the construction of the industry’s first overseas production facility (in Inner Mongolia, China), and the industry’s first coffee liqueur, “Awamori Coffee.


Ken Matsuyama, the owner of Ken’s bar, a bourbon whisky specialty store, is called the pioneer of bourbon whisky.
He has been a judge at the Tokyo whisky & Spirits Competition (TWSC), a whisky competition, and has released private bottles with Ichiro’s Malt PB, Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace, Corval, and others. It is clear that they have earned the trust of distillers both domestically and internationally in the whisky industry.

2-1Ken’s Choice NATURE AKASHOUBIN 50


Product Name.Ken’s Choice Nature AKASHOUBIN 50% Cask Strength
Alcohol content50 degrees
Price13,200 yen (tax included)
IngredientsGrain, Malt
ManufacturerKumesen Shuzo Co.




Product Name.Ken’s Choice Nature YANBARUKUINA 59% (59%)
Alcohol content59 degrees Celsius
Price16,500 yen (tax included)
IngredientsGrain, Malt

Kumesen Shuzo Co.

Other Kumesen whisky

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After working at a restaurant in Tokyo, became a certified sommelier by the Japan Sommelier Association.
I became interested in Japanese whiskey, of which he had little knowledge, and started working at bar Shinkai. I went to distilleries to talk to the distillers and joined JWD to share their passion and information as a bartender.

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