[Youtube Video #5] Single Malt Japanese Whisky Sakurao & Togouchi 1st Release CASK STRENGTH

Sakurao Distillery

The fifth installment of the Japanese Whisky Dictionary’s Youtube video distribution!
This time, we’re going to show you the “Single Malt Japanese Whisky” from “Sakurao Distillery” , which is located a little west of Hiroshima City, near the Seto Inland Sea. This time, we would like to introduce “Single Malt Japanese Whisky Sakurao & Togouchi 1st Release CASK STRENGTH” from “Sakurao Distillery” located near Miyajima, famous for Itsukushima Shrine.


1. For beginners

The concept of this project was to introduce whisky to people who have been interested in “bars” and “Japanese whisky” but have been reluctant to approach them.


The “Japanese Whisky Bar” was created with the concept of introducing Japanese whisky to people who have been interested in Japanese whisky but have been reluctant to approach it, not only to those who are familiar with Japanese whisky, but also to beginners who want to learn more about whisky and Japanese whisky from scratch, and to provide an opportunity to go to a bar or to learn more about Japanese whisky. We hope it will be a good opportunity for beginners who want to learn about Japanese whisky from scratch to go to a bar and learn more about Japanese whisky.

2. Video distribution #5 “Single Malt Japanese Whisky SAKURAO & TOGOUCHI 1st Release CASK STRENGTH

Now, this 5th video is slightly west of Hiroshima City, along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. Sakurao Distillery is located near Miyajima, famous for Itsukushima Shrine, and we would like to introduce “Single Malt Japanese Whisky Sakurao & Togouchi 1st Release CASK STRENGTH”.


Founded in 1919, the company has been mainly engaged in sake and shochu production, but recently it has been focusing on gin and whiskey production and changed its name from “Chugoku Brewery” to “Sakurao Brewery and Distillery” as of March 9, 2021.


In fact, the company was engaged in malt whiskey production from 1938 to 1989, but production ceased due to a decline in demand for whiskey. The original distilled spirit at that time was stored in JR West’s exploratory tunnel for railroads in Togawachi.

One day, through a chance meeting with a Frenchman who came to Japan, the company decided to export “Togouchi Whisky” to overseas markets. Since then, the whiskey has been produced using the original whiskey stored in Togouchi up to the present.


In 2018, in order to take on the challenge of new possibilities in the production of Western-style whisky, new facilities were installed and the “Sakurao Distillery” was established. The distillery produces a hybrid of gin and whiskey, and its “Sakurao Gin” has become famous for its excellent cost performance.


This video looks at the charms of the Sakurao Distillery, including the location and environment of the distillery and information on new releases.



// Video Table of Contents (Timetable) //

0:11 Opening
0:27 History of the company and whiskey making
2:35 Tasting of Sakurao and Togouchi
4:54 Their respective maturing environments
5:37 Sightseeing in Sakuurao and Miyajima
6:10 Secrets of Togouchi Whisky
8:14 Distillery tour
9:10 Prices to be concerned about
10:26 New product release information on June 6
12:26 Next episode preview and off-shot


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