[Youtube Video #7] Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky Seimei

Akkeshi Distillery

Japanese Whisky Dictionary’s Youtube video distribution, Vol. 7!
In this 7th volume, we would like to introduce “Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky Seimei” from “Akkeshi Distillery” located in “Akkeshi-cho” in East Hokkaido.


1. For beginners

The concept of this website is to introduce Japanese whisky to people who have been interested in “bar” and “Japanese whisky” but have been reluctant to approach them.


The website was created with the concept of introducing Japanese whisky to people who have been interested in Japanese whisky but have been reluctant to approach it, not only to those who are familiar with Japanese whisky, but also to beginners who want to learn about whisky and Japanese whisky from scratch. We hope it will be an opportunity for beginners who want to learn about Japanese whisky from scratch to go to a bar, or to learn more about Japanese whisky.

2. Video distribution #7 “Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky Seimei”

This time, we would like to introduce “Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky Seimei” from “Akkeshi Distillery” located in “Akkeshi-cho” in the east of Hokkaido.


President Hida, who had no experience in whisky production, much less liquor production, was impressed by Ardbeg 17 years old and decided to make whisky in Hokkaido, aiming to create a smoky whisky like Islay malt.

They selected Akkeshi, which has a cool and humid climate similar to that of Islay, as their site and began operations in 2016 with a strong desire to “make a whisky like Islay malt using the traditional Scottish process”.


For the first three years, the company released four bottles of the Newborn series, aged less than three years. After that, Saron Kamui was released; the Twenty-Four Season series started with Single Malt Kanro, which was released at the end of October 2020. The Akkeshi Single Malt Seimei will be the seventh in the series.

The fourth in the Nijushisekki series, “Akkeshi Blended Whisky Seimei,” has been making great strides worldwide, winning the “World’s Best Award” in the blended whisky category at the World Whisky Awards 2022 (WWA2022).

The film looks at the charms of the Akkeshi distillery, including the location of the distillery, its environment, and various other information.



// Video Table of Contents (Timetable) //

0:12 Opening
0:47 Introduction of the management company and distillery
2:22 Attraction of Akkeshi and Akkeshi Whisky ①
7:01 Tasting and comparison with “Glauber’s Grape
9:26 Attraction of Akkeshi Whisky ②
10:46 Prices of products
11:24 Distillery tour
13:47 Ending and preview for next episode


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Other information about Akkeshi Distillery

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