[Youtube Video #10] The Latest Trends in Japanese Whisky (Second half): A Review of Whiskey Distilleries in Japan


“Japanese Whisky Dictionary” Youtube video distribution, Part 10 (Second half)

Continuing from the previous article, the year 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Japanese whisky! So, as a review of the ever-increasing number of Japanese whisky distilleries, we would like to present “The Latest Trends of Japanese Whisky (first volume): A Review of Whisky Distilleries in Japan”.


1. A starting point for beginners

The concept of this project was to introduce whisky to people who have been interested in “BAR” and “Japanese whisky” but have been reluctant to approach it.


We hope that it will be an opportunity for not only connoisseurs who are familiar with Japanese whisky, but also for beginners who want to learn more about whisky and Japanese whisky from zero, to go to a bar, or to learn more about Japanese whisky, and that it will interest as many people as possible.

2. Video distribution #10 “The Latest Trends in Japanese Whisky (Second half): A Review of Whisky Distilleries in Japan”

This is the key point of this 10th video (Second half).

The year 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Japanese whisky and anunprecedented Japanese whisky boom.
Since 2016, whisky distilleries have been built all over Japan, now exceeding 70.
In terms of the number of whisky production licenses obtained, it is said that there are over 100 locations.
Major manufacturers are investing in equipment to increase production. Rumors of the construction of second and third distilleries are also heard among craft distilleries.
And there are also reports of new entrants from overseas. What will happen to Japanese whisky in the future?

We have also written a detailed article on the history of Japanese whisky on our website, so please take a look here.


Today, there are more than 70 whisky distilleries in Japan, and whisky production is being carried out on a daily basis.

Please click here for the latest list of distilleries maintained on this site.


In this video, we will look at the ever-increasing number of whisky distilleries throughout Japan, including not only Suntory, but also Nikka, Saburomaru, Yuza, and many others.
What kind of whisky is being made by what kind of company in what area at this time? We will focus on the major distilleries.


//Video Table of Contents (Timetable) //
0:11 opening
0:19 New foreign-owned distillery
2:46 Latest developments at major whisky distilleries
2:53 Suntory
 Nikka Whisky
4:14 Kirin
4:46 Chichibu Distillery
5:28 Honbo Shuzo
6:12 Akkeshi Distillery
7:54 Kanosuke Distillery
9:50 Shizuoka Distillery
10:13 Saburomaru Distillery
11:31 Yuza Distillery
12:45 About Fake Japanese Whisky
16:22 Prediction of Future Japanese Whisky Trends

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3. Information on the history of whisky in Japan and distilleries

This site also includes the history of Japanese whisky, a list of Japanese whisky distilleries, information on new distilleries, and reports on distillery visits. Please take a look at this page as well.

3-1. History of Whisky in Japan


3-2. List of Whisky Distilleries in Japan


3-3. Whisky distillery visit report


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