[Youtube Videos #4] Single Malt Whisky SaburomaruⅠTHE MAGICIAN

Saburomaru Distillery

Youtube video distribution of Japanese Whiskey Dictionary , the 4th installment!
This time, we will introduce Single Malt Japanese Whisky Saburomaru I (First) THE MAGICIAN from Saburomaru Distillery operated by Wakatsu Sake Brewery at the only whisky distillery in Hokuriku.


1. For beginners

We created the concept of introducing whiskey so that people who had been interested in “BAR” and “Japanese whisky” until now but were difficult to get close to will be interested.

Not only for enthusiasts who are familiar with Japanese whisky, but also for beginners who want to learn about whisky and Japanese whisky from the beginning, it is an opportunity to go to BAR or a chance to know more about Japanese whisky, and I hope that as many people as possible will be interested.

2. Video Distribution #4 “Single Malt Whisky Saburomaru Ⅰ THE MAGICIAN”

Now, in the fourth installment of this time, we will introduce Single Malt Japanese Whisky Saburomaru I (First) THE MAGICIAN from Saburo Maru Distillery operated by Wakatsu Sake Brewery, the only whiskey distillery in Hokuriku Prefecture.

Founded in 1952, it is the only distillery in Hokuriku.
Wakatsuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., which operates the Saburomaru Distillery, began sake production in 1862 in Saburomaru Village, Tonami District, Toyama Prefecture, and is a sake brewery with a very long history in Hokuriku.


After the end of World War II, in order to break out of the impasse, he independently conducted research on the production of spirits and obtained a whisky manufacturing license in 1952. In 1953, “Sunshine Whisky” began to be sold in Toyama Prefecture.


In 2016, with the support of many people through crowdfunding, the dilapidated distillery was renovated.
In 2019, with Laozi Manufacturing, we developed the world’s first cast pot still “ZEMON” .
From the beginning of the operation, the company was particular about smoky whiskey and still inherited the commitment to using only heavy peated malt.


While including the story of when you actually visited the distillery, we will approach the characteristics of whiskey-making, the taste and aroma of Saburomaru I (First), and the charm of Saburomaru Distillery.



Video Table of Contents (Timetable) 

0:09 Review of the previous edition (Single Malt Tsunuki 2022 Edition)
0:36 Location and journey of Saburomaru Distillery
1:36 Highlights of the distillery tour, company information
3:50 Origin of Saburomaru
5:15 Tasting, Saburomaru I and 0 comparison
8:50 Features of Pot Still “ZEMON”
10:36 New type of “ZEMON” introduced to the new distillery!?
11:33 T&T TOYAM
13:29 Bottle price and offer price at BAR Shinkai
14:35 Next time notice and off-shot

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3. Other information about Saburomaru Distillery

If you are even slightly interested in “Wakatsuru Sake Brewery” or “Saburomaru Distillery” , please take a look at other information.

3-1. Detailed information of Saburomaru Distillery


3-2. News about Saburomaru Distillery



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3-3. Saburomaru Distillery Whisky Review



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