[March 28, 2023 Release] Nikka The Grain

New Release
New Release
Nikka WhiskyMiyagikyo Distillery

The official website of Asahi Breweries, Ltd. has released information on the release of “Nikka The Grain”, the third product in the “NIKKA DISCOVERY Series”.

The release date is March 28. It has been about half a year since the second product in the previous “NIKKA DISCOVERY Series” (Yoichi Aromatech East and Miyagikyo Aromatech East).

The “NIKKA DISCOVERY Series” focuses on the depth created by Nikka Whisky’s diverse range of original whiskies, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2024, as well as the history of whisky production through raw materials, fermentation, and other manufacturing processes. The series focuses on the depth of the company’s whisky production history.

As 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of Nikka Whisky’s introduction of a “café-type continuous distiller” at its Nishinomiya factory in 1963 for the purpose of producing grain whisky (moved to the Miyagikyo distillery in 1999), the series will focus on Nikka Whisky’s ” The product was developed with a focus on the “diversity of grain whiskies” that Nikka Whisky possesses.

Officially, there is no mention of lottery sales.
The number of units sold is 10,000 in Japan and 10,000 overseas. The price is 13,200 yen, which is lower than the 22,000 yen price of the first and second editions.

The official description of the bottle is “mainly for commercial use,” so we can imagine that it will definitely be a difficult bottle to obtain. It will be difficult for the general public to obtain it.

1. Nikka The Grain

Nikka The Grain is composed of seven individualities.
The core of the blend is a café grain produced in a café-style continuous distiller at the Miyagikyo distillery in Sendai.
Two barley grains and a corn rye distillate that have been secretly produced and nurtured at Nikka Whisky’s Moji Distillery and Satsuma Tsukasa Distillery in Kyushu have been added as new characteristics.
In addition, we blended the cafe malt from the Miyagikyo Distillery and two rare, long-matured original malts from the Nishinomiya factory, where Masataka Taketsuru himself was involved in the introduction of the cafe-style continuous distillation machine.
The result is a grain whisky with a mellow, deep sweetness and a refreshing spiciness.
The result is an innovation with a variety of aromas and flavors that Nikka Whisky has never been able to achieve before.


Product NameNikka The Grain
Sake typeGrain Whisky
IngredientsBarley, rye, corn, etc.
Barrel Type
Number of bottles10,000 bottles in Japan, 10,000 bottles overseas
PriceSuggested retail price: 13,200 yen (tax included)
ManufactoryMiyagikyo Distillery, Nishinomiya Factory, Moji Factory, Satsumasa Tsukasa Distillery
ManufacturerNikka Whisky Company, Ltd.

2. About Miyagikyo Distillery

It has been about 30 years since the first distillery was started in Yoichi, Hokkaido. Masataka Taketsuru, who believed that “blending multiple original whiskies from different distilleries gives whisky a richer and richer flavor,” desperately needed a second distillery. Taketsuru chose Miyagikyo in Sendai. Miyagikyo Gorge in Sendai, a lush green gorge blessed with two clear streams, the Hirose River and the Shinkawa River. When Taketsuru first visited this place, he drank a bottle of Black Nikka he had in the clear water of the Shinkawa River and confirmed the taste. It is said that he decided to build the distillery on the spot. The Miyagikyo Distillery is proud of its “café-type continuous distillation machine”. At the time of its introduction, this distillation machine was already considered old-fashioned. Because it is an old type, it tends to leave a lingering taste, but Taketsuru chose this old type distillation machine because it is possible to transform it into the original aroma and sweetness of the raw materials through technology. At Miyagikyo Distillery, the people who inherited Taketsuru’s passion for whisky continue to make various attempts in pursuit of the best whisky possible.

Image source: Miyagikyo Distillery|NIKKA WHISKY

3. NIKKA DISCOVERY Series Lineup

3-1 Single Malt Yoichi Aromatic Yeast

This single malt whisky has a strong, thick flavor from the direct coal-fired distillation that is characteristic of Yoichi malt, with fruity notes such as apple and banana, and a subtle pear-like aroma reminiscent of ginjo. The richness of peat is firmly felt behind the fresh fruitiness and malt sweetness, and the pleasantly sweet aroma and marmalade-like bitter-sweet aftertaste are pleasantly persistent.






3-2 Single Malt Miyagikyo Aromatic Yeast

This single malt whisky has the elegant opulence that is characteristic of Miyagikyo malt, with a subtle overlay of ripe apricot notes. The rich fruit sweetness harmonizes with the richness of the malt, and the soft malt and moderate peat provide a pleasantly balanced cask aroma that lasts.







3-3 Single Malt Yoichi Non-Peated

The “Single Malt Yoichi”, with its strong and thick flavor, was made using only non-peated malt base. While retaining the strength of Yoichi malt’s characteristic coal-fired distillation, the soft fruitiness and smooth, full-bodied sweetness of Yoichi malt, hidden behind the peat, are revealed. The sweet and sour taste reminiscent of berries, pears, and apples is harmonized with the richness of the malt. It has a gorgeous, fruity aroma and a smooth, full-bodied caramel-like finish that lingers pleasantly.





3-4 Single Malt Miyagikyo Peated

The single malt “Single Malt Miyagikyo” has a gorgeous, light flavor, and is made using only peated malt. The elegant flamboyance characteristic of Miyagikyo malt is retained, while the mellow sweetness and firm body of Miyagikyo malt in harmony with the peat are revealed. You can taste the sweetness of raisins and dried cherries, and a light but firm peatiness.






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