Single Malt Whisky “Sakura-o” & “Togouchi” to be released on July 1, 2021

New Release
New Release
Sakurao Distillery

Ltd. (formerly known as Chugoku Jozo Co., Ltd.), which is famous for its SAKURAO GIN, has released information on its official website about the simultaneous release (in limited quantities) of Single Malt Sakurao andSingle Malt Togouchi. The information is as follows
The release date isJuly 1, 2021

To date, the whisky has only been called “Togouchi”, but this will be the first release of a whisky with the name “Sakura-o”.

The whisky making process began in mid-January 2018. Since Chugoku Brewing was founded in October 1918, SAKURAO DISTILLERY was established to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding. Three years have passed since its establishment, and the long-awaited release of Hiroshima’s first single malt is now underway.

Sakurao Distillery was established in Sakurao, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, on the opposite shore of Miyajima, a World Heritage Site, as a new challenge in the production of single malt whisky. whisky is a reflection of the local environment. After several years since the establishment of SAKURAO DISTILLERY, we are proud to present the single malt whiskys “SAKURAO” and “TOGOUCHI”.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the people of Hiroshima who have supported our challenge for a long time, and to our customers all over the world who have chosen us from among many others. We would like to express our gratitude to the people of Hiroshima who have supported us for a long time, the customers from all over the world who have chosen us from among many other brands, the local farmers and agro-forestry cooperatives who have faced this new challenge with us, the distillery stillsmen, distillery equipment manufacturers, bartenders, and the Sakura-o ambassadors. It is only with the thoughts and support of all these people that we are able to deliver this new flavor to you today. With great gratitude to all of you, we will continue to challenge various possibilities.

1. Single Malt SAKURAO

A taste refined by the Seto Inland Sea and the wind
Located in Hatsukaichi City, with the Seto Inland Sea to the south and the Chugoku Mountains to the north, the distillery’s Sakurao cellar receives warm breezes from the sea and cold winds from the mountains, creating a large temperature difference throughout the year. This temperature difference speeds up the maturation of the whisky. Also, because the cellar is located on the ocean side, the mild scent of the Seto Inland Sea lingers in the aging barrels. The sweet and smoky aroma of ripe grapes, oranges, bitter chocolate, and vanilla is appealing. It is also harmonious with subtle spiciness and moderate astringency. You will enjoy the long-lasting woody and smoky aroma and the rich sweetness.
Matured in a storage facility in Sakurao, the place where the company was founded
The barrels in which the malt liquor is stored have a subtle hint of the tide coming from the Seto Inland Sea, which is located not far from the cellar.

Reference: From Hiroshima to the World with Tradition and Innovation: Simultaneous Release of Sea and Mountain Single Malt Whisky “Sakura-o” and “Togouchi”|

Product nameSingle Malt Sakura-o
Sake categorySingle malt whisky
Barrel typeBourbon barrels, etc.
Number of bottles
Number of Degrees54
PriceSuggested retail price: 9,350 yen (tax included)
Place of manufacture Sakurao Distillery
ManufacturerSakurao Brewery and Distillery Co.

2. single malt Togouchi

A taste that deepens over time in the mountains of Hiroshima
The town of Togouchi in Akiota-cho is famous for its beautiful scenery and colors created by rich forests and clear streams, including the highest mountain in the prefecture, Oorahan Mountain, Fukairiyama Mountain, and Sandankyo Gorge, a special national scenic spot.
In this mountainous area, a tunnel that was once used for railroads is now used as the Togouchi storage facility.  
In the dark storage room, where the temperature is kept cool throughout the four seasons, the malt liquor distilled at Sakurao Distillery is quietly maturing in barrels filled with the scent of fresh greenery.
The aroma is reminiscent of fresh apples, sweet marmalade and apricots, with a soft sweetness, smooth mouthfeel and a refreshing, gentle finish.
Aged in the Togouchi cellar, surrounded by lush forests and clear streams.
The aroma and flavor are slowly refined in the storage room where cool breezes pass through all year round.

Quote: From Hiroshima to the world with tradition and innovation: Simultaneous release of “Sakura-o” and “Togouchi” single malt whiskys from the sea and mountains|

Product nameSingle Malt Togouchi
Sake categorySingle malt whisky
Cask Type
Number of Bottles
Number of Degrees52
PriceSuggested retail price: 9,350 yen (tax included)
Place of manufacture Sakurao Distillery
ManufacturerSakurao Brewery and Distillery Co.

3.About Sakurao Distillery

Established in 1918 in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture as the Chugoku Brewery Limited Partnership, the company was renamed Chugoku Jozo Co.
The distillery was engaged in the production and sale of malt whisky from 1938 to 1989. At that time, the distilled spirit was stored in a storage facility in Togouchi, which was built in an exploratory tunnel for the JR West railroad.
In 2008, the company started selling Togouchi Whisky.
In December 2017, a distillery called SAKURAO DISTILLERY was built to produce high quality single malt whisky. distillation started in January 2018.

4. other products from Sakurao Distillery

4-1 Togouchi whisky

<Tasting Notes>

This whisky is a blend of grain whisky with different characteristics (one with a soft sweetness, the other with a rich mineral and grain flavor) and malt whisky with a moderate peat aroma and a soft sweetness similar to vanilla and chocolate. The result is a whisky that is youthful and light, yet powerful.

4-2 Togouchi whisky 8years

<Tasting Notes>

A blend of grain spirits with a spicy citrus aroma reminiscent of the fresh greenery of Togouchi and malt whisky with a moderate peaty aroma and a soft sweetness like vanilla and chocolate. The result is a whisky with a clean, dry taste characterized by minerality and an aroma of young grass.

4-3 Togouchi whisky SAKE CASK FINISH

<Tasting Notes>

The oak barrels used for maturing white wine were used to mature Junmai-shu (rice wine) brewed by our company, and the barrels (Sake Cask) were used for post maturing (wood finish) of Togouchi whisky. This whisky has a light fruit aroma and moderate acidity derived from white wine and Sake, with a brown sugar-like sweetness derived from the wood finish, creating a mellow harmony of sweetness and acidity with an ethereal fruit aroma.


<Tasting Notes>

The oak barrels used for aging rum for 10 years in Martinique, a French territory in the Caribbean, were used for IPA beer in France. In addition to the crisp hop aroma and bitterness from the IPA beer, and the honey aroma from the rum, the wood finish adds a sweetness like baked apples, resulting in a whisky with a harmony of sweetness, bitterness, and aged sweet fruit aroma.



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