[Release on August 27th] Tris Classic

New Release
New Release

Suntory’s Tris series will release a limited-edition “Tris Classic <Fruity Aroma>”. Price and details.

This is the first limited edition Tris Classic. Please read on with the details of Tris and other information.


1. Where can I buy it?

It is listed as a new limited time release nationwide and is available at liquor stores.

2. Tris Classic

This is a new release with a different blend from the regular Tris.

It is a whisky with a sweet, fruity aroma and a gently rounded flavor. It can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways, such as highball or on the rocks.

The package expresses the product’s features with a gradation label that evokes the rich aroma and the icon of “Uncle Tris,” the symbol of the brand.

Reference: Tris Classic to be released for a limited time only | Suntory Holdings Limited Press Release (prtimes.jp)

Hakushu malt is used as the key malt in the regular product. It is a product that belongs to the World Blended Whisky category, like Suntory Ao.

The key malts used in the blend are “Spanish Oak Barrel Malt” and “Hakushu Malt” which has an oily aroma.
The Spanish oak malt gives the beer a matured aroma, while the oily Hakushu malt adds thickness to the body despite its light aroma. The result is a well-balanced aroma with depth and a sense of depth.

Reference: The Chief Blender Talks about the Making of Tris Classic (suntory.co.jp)

Product nameTris Classic
Distinction by alcoholBlended whisky
IngredientsMalt, Grain
Cask typeUnknown
Number of bottlesLimited quantity
PriceSuggested retail price: 990 yen (tax not included)
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