[Lottery closes at 11:00 AM on December 27th] Ontake THE FIRST EDITION 2023 (Ontake Distillery)

New Release
New Release
Ontake Distillery

The lottery for “Ontake THE FIRST EDITION 2023” from Ontake Distillery started on the 20th.

We have already introduced it in another article, but we would like to inform you again that the lottery has started.

For more details about the distillery, click here↓.

[Lottery sales begin on December...
The distillery's first single malt whisky from the Ontake Distillery in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, owned by Nishi Shuzo, will go on sale by lottery on De...

Official website: Ontake THE FIRST EDITION 2023 (nishi-shuzo.co.jp)

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