【Limited release on March 30, 2021】HAKUSHU PEATED MALT 2021 (Suntory Spirits)

New Release
New Release
Hakushu Distillery

【2021/3/1 Update】 Application
s for lottery sales of “Hakushu peat malt 2021” have started on the Hakushu brand site. The application period is from 9:00 on Monday, March 1, 2021 to 23:59 on Thursday, April 8, 2021.If you are interested, don’t miss it!

「白州ピーテッドモルト2021」 抽選販売の応募受付は終了いたし...
シングルモルトウイスキー【サントリー公式】サントリーシングルモルトウイスキー「白州 ピーテッドモルト2021」、300名様限定抽選販売の応募受付は終了いたしました。

Although no publicity announcement has been made, Suntory Spirits Co., Ltd. has added information that “HAKUSHU PEATED MALT 2021” will be released in limited quantities on March 30, 2021. It seems that it is scheduled to be sold by lottery within the Hakushu brand site.

シングルモルトウイスキー白州 サントリー



1. Characteristics of the contents

A single malt whisky that carefully selects and blends only “smoky original sake” from the various original sakes that make up “Hakushu”. Even if it is straight, you can feel the rich and deep taste.





2. Design Features

The label on the front adopts handmade Echizen Washi paper that expresses the tree leaking sun of the forest in early summer of “Forest Distillery”. All cosmetic boxes.

3. Tasting Notes

ScentCigars, honey, green apples
TasteSweet and soft peaty, hay-like
AftertasteMoist and fragrant incense, cigars

4. Product Specifications

Alcohol level48%
TypeSingle Malt Whisky
Spirits type of barrelSmoky raw spirits
Number of salesLimited quantity
Suggested retail price11,000 yen (excluding tax)
Release dateTuesday, March 30, 2021

Source: Hakushu Peated Malt 2021 Distribution Release Material

Speaking of March 30, it will be released on the same day as the “HAKUSHU 12-year re-release” announced in a news release the other day.

【Limited release from March 30, ...
“Suntory Whiskey Hakushu 12 Years Old” will be re-released in limited quantities from March 30, 2021. Since 2009, it has won numerous awards at whiskey competitions around the world. Due to a shortage of unblended whiskey due to the recent whiskey boom, shipments were suspended at the end of April 2018. This is a long-awaited re-release for whiskey lovers.

Suntory Whisky is also releasing “Yamazaki Limited Edition 2021” and “Hibiki Blossom Harmony” in May, and the release of new products from spring to summer is on the upswing.

 【May 25, 2021 Limited Quantity ...
Suntory Spirits Co., Ltd. will release a limited quantity of a special Yamazaki that can only be tasted as a gift. Yamaz...
【May 25, 2021 Limited Quantity R...
Suntory Spirits Co., Ltd. will release a limited quantity of a special "HIBIKI" that can only be tasted as a g

Read more about Hakushu here.

[Review] Single Malt Hakushu 12y...
Slightly smoky malt is fermented in a wooden tub tank using upper yeast. The fruity and creamy wash is distilled in an open-fire distillation pot and stored in white oak barrels and aged in a Hakushu forest storage for more than 12 years.
[Review] Single Malt Hakushu NV ...
The single malt whisky Hakushu was carefully selected by the blender from a wide variety of original spirits. It has a refreshing taste that harmonizes the aroma of young forest leaves with a fresh fruity flavor.
長期熟成モルトならではの深い味と香り。複雑なコクと甘み、豊かな樽香が見事に調和。 かすかなスモーキーさを含んだ余韻も心地よい。酒齢18年以上の長期熟成モルトが、 深い香りとほのかなスモーキーさを醸し出します。複雑なコクと甘み、馥郁とした樽香が見事に調和。スモーキーで心地よい余韻。

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