【Lottery sales start 12 April – 6 May 2021】響 HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021 (limited edition of 500)

New Release
New Release

Applications are now open for the limited edition draw of 500 bottles of “HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021”, which will be released on Tuesday 25 May 2021.

Selection Period 12 April – 6 May 2021

Suntory has launched a limited edition of 500 bottles of HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021 for sale by lottery.
The application period is from Monday 12 April 2021, 9:00 to Thursday 6 May 2021, 23:59.

You can find the link to the application site at the bottom of the page “HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021 Lottery Sales (limited to 500 bottles)” below.


響-サントリーブレンデッドウイスキーの最高峰- サントリー


The aroma and taste of the wine are perfect for celebrations.

This whisky is a special Hibiki, a blend of a wide variety of whiskies that have been matured over many seasons and a rare blend of whiskies that have been post-matured in cherry barrels. It has a fragrant, flowery aroma, a round, harmonious taste and a long, sweet, rich aftertaste.


Aromatic, floral, cherry blossom, kumquats
TasteRound on the palate, long on the palate, with an elegant sweetness of acacia honey, La France and cherry cake

Long, rich, floral aftertaste.

Quote: A rich aroma and a round taste. A limited quantity of Hibiki BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021 is now on sale. Hibiki – The Best of Suntory Blended Whisky – Suntory 

The HIBIKI line-up

There are currently four Hibiki products on sale.

HIBIKI Japanese Harmony

Gorgeous, soft flavours. A beautifully balanced harmony that is unique to Japanese whisky.

HIBIKI Blenders’ Choice

A delicate blend of carefully selected and masterfully crafted wines of a wide range of ages, matured in a wide variety of casks. The result is a deep, sweet taste and a gorgeous, soft aroma. The addition of post-maturing wine barrels creates a harmonious blend of gems.

HIBIKI 17 years (on hiatus)

Due to the increasing demand for domestic whisky and the long time it takes to secure enough undiluted whisky, Hibiki 17 Year is no longer available since September 2018.

HIBIKI 21 years

The malt is a carefully selected blend of very long matured malts, over 21 years old. The grain is also carefully selected and blended with mature grain that is over 21 years old. The result is a sumptuous harmony of different types of raw materials that only Suntory can produce.

HIBIKI 30 years

It is a rare and precious limited edition, with only a few thousand bottles produced annually. The malt must be at least 30 years old and carefully selected from Suntory’s secret collection of ultra-long maturation barrels. The malt is carefully selected from Suntory’s own ultra-long maturation barrels and blended with mature grain barrels that are at least 30 years old. The result is a jewel of luxury.

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