[Furusato Nouzei] Akkeshi Blended Whisky Daikan & Akkeshi’s Seasonal Seafood Set on Sale

The latest release from the Atsugishi Distillery, ” Atsugishi Blended Whisky Daichan” is now available at Furusato.

This time, the strongest set includes Seasonal delicacies of the sea that Atsukishi is proud of” from the Akkeshi Fishermen’s Association.

The set includes a bottle of “Akkeshi Blended Whisky Daishan” , “Oyster (Benten Oyster)”  , “Hair Crab” , “Scallop”, “Muki Oyste” , and “Shell Scallion” as the delicacies of Akkeshi, which is the supreme set for gourmets.

Nowadays, the taste of eating raw oysters with a drop of smoky whisky is becoming popular not only in Scotland but also in Japan. Don’t miss this opportunity!


So, we would like to introduce you to some of the products that have been released so far.

1.Akkeshi 24 Season Series

2.Akkeshi Whisky Others

厚岸ウイスキー サロルンカムイ 200ml

厚岸ウイスキー サロルンカムイ 200ml

¥35,000(as of 05/26 07:59)
Amazon product information
厚岸ブレンデッド2021 新千歳空港限定

厚岸ブレンデッド2021 新千歳空港限定

¥12,800(as of 05/26 07:59)
Amazon product information

3.Akkeshi Newborn Series

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