【May 25, 2021 Limited Quantity Release】 HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021 (Suntory Spirits)

New Release

Suntory Spirits Co., Ltd. will release a limited quantity of a special “HIBIKI” that can only be tasted as a gift.

– The new “HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021” will be available only as a gift in limited quantities. –

The company aims to stimulate demand for whisky gifts and improve the quality value of Suntory whisky.
Blended with raw whisky from the pre-bottling stage that has been further matured in cherry barrels, and with a gorgeous packaging design, the product is suitable for celebrations and various gifts.

Image Source: Suntory Whiskey “Hibiki BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021” is newly released in limited quantities. – Special and gorgeous “Hibiki”, which can only be tasted as a gift, is newly released in limited quantities -.

“HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021” adds splash color to your celebration

HIBIKI” is a special blend of a wide variety of original raw spirits that have deepened their character over many seasons and rare raw spirits that have been matured in cherry barrels. It has an aromatic fragrance reminiscent of flowers, a round and harmonious taste, and a refreshing harmony with a rich aftertaste.
The limited-edition design depicts “a hundred of flowers blooming百花繚乱”, flowers of the four seasons blooming in a circular shape with a motif of a “celebration meal 祝い膳” used for festive occasions. With accents of lustrous red, it is a gorgeous gift.

About the contents and packaging
Based on the main ingredients of HIBIKI, it is blended with Sakura Barrel Finished raw spirits, which is the first of its kind in the HIBIKI brand. It features a gorgeous aroma reminiscent of flowers derived from cherry blossom barrels, a mellow and harmonious taste, and a rich aftertaste with a refreshing harmony. For the package, the label depicts a hundred flowers suitable for celebratory occasions, and the color “Gloss Red 艶紅” is used as a supplementary color to express the gorgeousness of the cherry blossom barrel. It also features a gorgeous gift-like carton with the image of a festive bowl.
Quote: Suntory Whisky “HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021” is newly released in limited quantities. – The special and gorgeous HIBIKI, which can only be enjoyed as a gift, is now available in limited quantities.

Product name響 HIBIKI BLOSSOM HARMONY 2021   Suntory whisky
TypeBlended Whisky
Raw MaterialsMalt, Grain
Type of BarrelPartly Cherry blossom barrel
Number of unit sales
Alcohol content43%
Amount of contents700ml
Price8,000 yen (excluding tax)
Release DateMay 25, 2021
ManufactureSuntory Spirits Co.

On the same day, Yamazaki LIMITED EDITION 2021 will be released.

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