Shizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Fair 2024 [May 25th and 26th.]

Fujigotenba DistilleryChichibu Distillery (Ichiro's Malt)Shizuoka DistilleryAsaka DistillerySakurao DistilleryEigashima Distillery

Shizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Fair 2024 will be held on 25.26 May! Limited bottle sales also available by lottery!


1. Ticket.

Admission to the event is free!

Special tickets for food and drink (10 tickets, 2,000 yen) can be purchased at the venue entrance on the day of the event, and the required number of tickets can be handed in at the booths.

2. Outline of the event

VenueTokiwa Park, Shizuoka City
3-1 Tokiwa-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Access.13-minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station.
Bus from Shizuoka Station to Yoso Ekimae (runs approx. every 15-20 mins), fare 100 yen.
1-minute walk from Surugamachi Nanabura Cinema Street bus stop.
Dates and times25,26 May 2024
PriceFree admission, special ticket《10 tickets, 2,000 yen》.
OrganisersShizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Fair Executive Committee
Enquiries to555 Ochiai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 421-2223, Japan
Shizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Fair Executive Committee Secretariat
TEL : 054-292-2555
You can also contact us via the enquiry form.

Prospectus for holding the event
The aim is to promote craft beer and whisky in Shizuoka Prefecture and to introduce exemplary makers from outside the prefecture in order to improve and revitalise the sake culture. We will strive to become a place where sake brewers and drinkers can deepen exchanges. At the same time, it will increase the number of visitors from outside Shizuoka Prefecture and abroad, and encourage the spread of sake tourism in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be used the following year.
Alcoholic beverages and food from outside the venue are not permitted.
 (Soft drinks may be brought into the venue).
There are areas of the venue that are off-limits. Please refrain from entering these areas.
Tables in the venue are for eating and drinking only. It is forbidden to place luggage on them.
Please take responsibility for your own valuables such as luggage in the venue.
Smoking is not permitted in the venue. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.
Please note that the event may be filmed, broadcast and published by the media.

Alcohol consumption is only permitted after the age of 20.
Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by law.

Reference: Outline – Shizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Fair (

2-1. Exhibit booths

Currently 38 booths are scheduled to exhibit, including exhibitors, individual exhibitors and food exhibitors.

List of exhibitors – Shizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Fair (

The following is a selection of the whisky booth companies scheduled to exhibit. In no particular order

Asaka DistilleryIgawa DistilleryePower Corporation (25th only)
Whiskey&Co. Distillery Water DragonEigashima Distillery (26th only)Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery
SAKURAO DISTILLERYVenture Whisky (26th only)Fuji Gotemba Distillery
RUDDER LTD. / THE ULTIMATE SPIRITSLiquors Hasegawa Main Store 

2-2. talk show

Details are yet to be decided, but it seems that a talk show will be held.

Talk show – Shizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Fair (

2-3.Lottery for limited-edition bottles

Although details are not given here, it seems that there will be a lottery for a commemorative bottle from the Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery.

There will be updates on SNS and other social media, so if you’re interested, click here.

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Lastly: Recommended Books on Japanese Whisky

If you want to learn more about Japanese whisky, which is a global trend, we highly recommend these books.

(1).Whisky Galore Vol.29 December 2021 issue

In the December 2021 issue of Whisky Galore, published by the Whisky Culture Research Institute, we report on 11 Japanese craft distilleries, including some that are open to the public for the first time, under the title of “Japanese Whisky Craft Frontline,” the first of three consecutive issues. Why did the popularity of Japanese whisky and the craft boom occur? We will examine with interviews. Chichibu Distillery / Chichibu No.2 Distillery / Mars Shinshu Distillery / Mars Tsunuki Distillery / Kanosuke Distillery / Hioki Distillery / Ontake Distillery / Osuzuyama Distillery / Kaikyo Distillery / Hanyu Distillery / Konosu Distillery

(2). Japanese Whisky as an Education for Business

This is a book written by Mamoru Tsuchiya, a world-famous whisky critic and representative of the Whisky Culture Research Institute, titled “Japanese Whisky as a Culture that Works for Business” .
The book covers the basics of whisky, the introduction of whisky to Japan, the birth of Japanese whisky, advertising strategies and the rise of Japanese whisky, and the current rise of craft distilleries. This is a book that summarizes Japanese whisky in a very easy to understand way.

(3). Whisky and I (Masataka Taketsuru)

Masataka Taketsuru, the founder of Nikka Whisky, devoted his life to brewing whisky in Japan. This is a revised and reprinted version of the autobiography of a man who simply loved whisky and talked about himself. The book vividly depicts the days when he went to Scotland alone to study as a young man and overcame many hardships to complete Japanese whisky, as well as his companion, Rita.

(4). A Letter of Challenge from a New Generation Distillery

Launching in 2019. With the world experiencing an unprecedented whisky boom, what were the managers of craft distilleries thinking and what were their thoughts as they took on the challenge of making whisky? This book tells the stories of 13 craft distillery owners, including Ichiro Hido of Venture Whisky, famous for his Ichirose Malt, who inspired the birth of craft distilleries in Japan.

(5). Whiskey Rising

This is the Japanese version of Whisky Risng, published in the US in 2016, with much updated content. Not only does it describe the history of Japanese whisky in detail, but it also includes data on all the distilleries in Japan, including the craft distilleries that have been founded in recent years. The book also includes descriptions of the legendary bottles that have been released, as well as information on bars where Japanese whisky can be found.

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After working at a restaurant in Tokyo, became a certified sommelier by the Japan Sommelier Association.
I became interested in Japanese whiskey, of which he had little knowledge, and started working at bar Shinkai. I went to distilleries to talk to the distillers and joined JWD to share their passion and information as a bartender.

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