[Ichirose Malt] The catalog page where you can buy Japanese whisky is now open!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the fourth edition of our new Japanese Whisky Catalog .

We have compiled a lineup of Japanese whisky sales information scattered across the web, including information on manufacturers, brands, and products released in the past, in an easy-to-understand manner, in the hope that it will help those who visit this site to purchase Japanese whisky.

The fourth product is the Chichibu Distillery, which is highly regarded around the world. We will introduce the regular White Label, the rare Leaf Series, other limited edition products, and the Card Series, which was the talk of the auction.

1.Malt & Grain

World Blended

Japanese Blended

2.Ichiro’s Malt Leaf series

3.Ichiro’s Malt

イチローズモルト ファイヤーラベル 700ml

イチローズモルト ファイヤーラベル 700ml

¥159,880(as of 02/08 03:41)
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Other limited editions

4.Ichiro’s Malt Card Series

イチローズモルト  シックス・オブ・ハーツ57度700mlIchiro’s Malt CARD Six of Hearts【銀行振り込み決...