Saburomaru Distillery reaches One million Smoky Highballs! Twitter Campaign

Saburomaru Distillery

The first canned smoky highball developed and sold in Japan by the Saburomaru Distillery, which has been on sale at Seven-Eleven stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures since February 14, 2023, has finally sold a total of 1 million bottles!

To show our appreciation, we launched the “One Million Yen Hospitality in Toyama” campaign.

1. “Twitter Campaign to Commemorate the One Millionth Can of Smoky Highball.”

Two campaigns are announced on the official Twitter page of Saburomaru Distillery.
■Follow & Retweet Campaign [1,000,000 yen worth of hospitality in Toyama].
Special experience at Saburomaru Distillery, lunch, dinner, and lodging in Toyama Prefecture will be given away!

How to apply: Follow the official Twitter account of Saburomaru Distillery and retweet the target post.
Entry period: Friday, April 28, 2023 – Thursday, July 6, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

■Photo Submission Course [Goes well with food! Saburomaru Highball]
Original table-top cooler and gorgeous prizes will be awarded!

How to apply: Follow the official Twitter account of Saburomaru Distillery, post a photo of you drinking “Saburomaru Distillery’s Smoky Highball (ALC.9%)” and add “#Saburomaru Highball 1 Million Bottles” and post your impression of it.
Entry period: Friday, April 28, 2023 to Thursday, July 6, 18:00
Winning products: Prize A, Table-top cooler (refrigerator) with original logo mark for 3 winners
     Prize B, 10 winners will receive a gift of “Toyama’s delicacies” that goes well with highballs.
     Prize C, 100 winners of highball sake

2. Smoky highball from Saburomaru Distillery

Craft highball made by the oldest distillery in Hokuriku

Saburomaru Distillery has been focusing on smoky aroma since they started producing whisky in 1952.
The Saburomaru Distillery was the first distillery in Japan to develop a canned smoky highball, and now it has become even more delicious.
Please enjoy the multi-layered peaty aroma and sharp taste.

Reference: HARRY CRANES Craft Highball / Saburomaru Distillery|Wakatsuru Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Product Name

Saburomaru Distillery’s Smoky Highball
By SakeHighball
IngredientsMalt, Grain
PriceSuggested retail price: 327 yen (tax included)

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