[June 15, 2023 Release] Blended Malt Green Dram (Kuju Distillery)

New Release
New Release

Kuju Distillery had started distilling from 2021, and based on this one bottle, it will become a year-round product in the future.
Since it is a product less than three years old, it cannot be called a whisky, but it is a blend and marriage of overseas malts and in-house malts.
After the overseas malts are purchased, they are casked and additionally aged in the company’s own aging cellar.
The in-house malts are selected from casks with a strong sense of maturity.
The result is a newborn with a robust flavor.
The number of shipments has not been announced, but since this year’s release will be limited to only two, it will be a rare opportunity to purchase it.
700 ml,7,700 yen including tax.

1. Where can I buy it?

Currently, Isego Honten and Asaya Shoten are accepting reservations.

■Isego Honten Online Shop
The offer will end when the maximum quantity is reached. Click here for details.
Application period: Monday, June 12, until 12:00.
June 15: As soon as they are in stock, they will be shipped in order.

■Asaya Shoten Online Shop
The order will be closed as soon as the maximum quantity is reached. Click here for details.
Purchase period: Not stated
Delivery period: Saturday, June 15

2. Blended Malt Green Dram

“Green” is a color that evokes the beautiful nature and youthfulness of the Kuju Plateau.
We have placed this color on this land where new buds sprout every year, and have entrusted it with our pledge to never forget our original intentions.
“Dram” means a glass of whisky, and the name is intended to show respect for the history and tradition of whisky.

Product Name

Blended Malt Green Dram

IngredientsMalt (foreign malt & in-house malt)
Cask Type
Number of bottlesLimited quantity
Degree of alcohol content46%
Price7,700 yen (tax included)
Manufactured atKuju Distillery
ProducerTsuzaki Shoji Co.

3. About Kuju Distillery

Mr. Shoji Utoda of Tsusaki Shoji, a single malt mail-order Western liquor specialty store that has been in the liquor store business since the Taisho era, is such a malt lover that he hosts a whisky event called Fukuoka Whisky Talk.
His love of whisky led him to build a distillery.
After training at the Chichibu distillery, which he had been in contact with, Mr. Takeishi, the distiller, went on to train at the Tsunuki Distillery in Kagoshima, Japan.
The facilities are based on the Chichibu Distillery, with two straight pot stills made by Forsyth in Scotland.
All fermentation vats are wooden.

3-1. Distillery Specifications

The following is quoted from the official website

Pot still made by Forsyth in Scotland.
The first distillation kettle is 2500L, and the redistillation kettle is 1800L.
Both are straight type.
The heating method is percolator type.
The smaller redistillation kettle makes the quality of sake heavier.
Cooling is by shell-and-tube system.
The cooling water is made from abundant groundwater, which allows for year-round cooling.
The factory building has a large window through which pot stills can be seen from the adjacent prefectural road.
At night, the stills are lit up until 10:00 p.m.

3-2. Malt used Fermentation tank

Imported malt is the main malt used.
Some domestic malt has been tested.
In the future, the brewery is preparing to purchase Oita Prefecture-grown malt and use it in the brewing process.
The brewing volume is 500 kg per batch.
Currently, there is one wooden and four enameled fermentation tanks.
The enamel tanks are from the brewery era, and have been maintained and reused.
All fermentation tanks are to be replaced with wooden ones.
The order has already been placed and is just waiting for completion.
The wooden tanks are made of Douglas fir (several hundred years old rice pine).
In order to promote stable lactic acid fermentation, all vats were converted to wooden vats in August 2022.
The goal is to create a more complex and flavorful sake.
Each wooden vat has a capacity of 2,500 liters.
Fermentation time is 4 days.

3-3. Barrels used

Mainly used bourbon barrels are used.
The reason for this is to make it easier for the customer to feel the individuality of the original.
The lineup of barrels includes sherry, wine, rum, Armagnac, and Calvados, as well as barrels made of domestic wood.
The aging process is progressing smoothly.
Although located in Kyushu, the high altitude makes for a relatively cool climate, and the aging process is relatively slow.
The first aging cellar uses the traditional “dunnage” method.
The current storage facility is a former sake cellar.
It is expected to be full by the end of the year.
The second aging warehouse is currently under construction.
This is planned to be a “rack type”.

Click here for the official website.

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