[Komoro Distillery] Holding of Whisky Festival [Information on limited bottles available for pre-order]


The “Komoro Distillery Whisky Festival” will be held on February 23.24.25, right after the World Whisky Forum, a global event in the whisky industry, co-hosted by the Komoro Tourism Bureau and supported by Nagano Prefecture.


1. What is the Komoro Distillery?

The first distillery by Karuizawa Distillers.

Mr. Shimaoka, a former banker, and Mr. Ian Chang, former master blender of KAVALAN distillery, teamed up to build a distillery in Komoro, Nagano Prefecture, which is the best location for a whisky distillery due to the combination of various factors such as the climate, water quality, natural environment and local culture at the foot of Mount Asama where pure water is grown. The distillery produces only single malt.

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The distillery is integrated with the visitor center. A shuttle bus runs from Komoro Station, distillery tours are offered every hour, a hands-on whisky academy from beginner to advanced level, and cocktails and snacks are served in the bar area. Basically, the distillery already has an environment that welcomes visitors, although reservations are required in advance.

Name of the company KARUIZAWA DISTILLERS inc.
Distillery AddressKomoro Distillery : 4630-1 Karuishi, Kou, Komoro, Nagano, 384-0801 Japan
Access to the distillery

10 minutes by cab from Komoro Station on the Shinano Railway

Approximately 25 minutes by cab from Sakudaira Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line

Shuttle bus available from the above two stations by reservation only.

Hours of operation10:00~19:00 (Last admission 18:00, Bar L.O.18:30)

2. Outline of Komoro Distillery Whisky Festival

Enjoy whisky with all five senses

In Komoro and at the distillery

  1. A master class by Master Blender Ian Chang will be held, and several newborns from the Komoro Distillery will be tasted with commentary (with interpreter). The unveiling of a new tasting course by Chief Educator Eddie Ludlow and a hands-on seminar by a professional bartender, as well as a menu of unusual pairing sets.
  2. A live string trio by the NHK Symphony Orchestra echoed through the distillery.
  3. Corner to enjoy the aroma of whisky
  4. Paintings from the “Water Planet” series by Norio Nakajima, a Kanazawa-born painter, are on display, with the theme of “water” and “eternal time”.
  5. Not only can you sample whiskies and other products from distilleries around the world that participated in the World Whisky Forum, but there will also be free tastings of Nagano wines and sake, and special experiences to help you better enjoy Komoro’s water.

*Please see below for the distilleries in Asia that participated in the World Whisky Forum.

[To be held on February 19-21, 2...
The World Whisky Forum is a big event in the whisky world that takes place every 18 months. Anyone involved in whisky production, from small producers to major corporations, is welcome to attend. It is an event where people exchange knowledge and techniques related to whisky and business, as well as information about the efforts of the whisky industry as a whole. There are also tastings of rare whiskies at the event.

The Komoro Distillery plans to offer a variety of newborn whiskies depending on events and seasons, and one of the new whisky experiences that the distillery proposes is to think about future bottles as the newborn grows.

The “Komoro Distillery Whisky Festival” will be held at a special venue along the Hokkoku Kaido Road from Saturday, February 24 to Saturday, February 25. The festival “Kitaguni Kaido Komoro-juku Dolls Tour” will be held at the same time from Saturday, February 24.

It takes about 25 minutes from Karuizawa Station to Komoro Station by Shinano Railway. From Sakuhira Station, it is about 15 minutes on the Koumi Line.

A reception desk for the “Komoro Distillery Whisky Festival” will be set up at the Komoro Station, where you can board a free tour bus and take a walking tour of the town.

On a holiday at the end of February, why don’t you enjoy an adult excursion along with a new whisky experience in Komoro?


3. Ticket Summary

One-day ticket is 4,000 yen.

The following seminars are available for an additional fee.

Master Class by Ian Chan 3,000 yen

Tasting seminar by Mr. Eddie Ludlow 3,000 yen

Hands-on seminar with bartenders 1,000 yen

For reservation site & details, please visit the official website of Komoro Distillery.

4. Limited edition bottles available for pre-order

To celebrate the first World Whisky Forum in Asia, limited bottles can be reserved on the Komoro Distillery online site.


Image source: PRTimes KARUIZAWA DISTILLERS inc.

Currently, Tokyo and Taiwan models are already available for reservation. The price is 16,500 yen.

*Shipment is scheduled for 2027 or later.

Click here to reserve products.↓

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