[Follow-up report] Whisky Festival 2022 Original Bottle Details Revealed!

Whisky Festival 2022, an exhibition and tasting event where whisky from all over the world will gather. More than 70 distilleries, liquor stores, bars, and other booths from Japan and abroad will exhibit their whiskies. Detailed information on the original bottles that will be sold by lottery at the event is now available.

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 ICHIRO’S MALT(Venture Whisky) and Hombo Shuzo announce the launch of BLENDED MALTS USING SWAPPED STOCKS

Honbo Shuzo and Ichirose Malt (Venture Whisky) have announced that they will be releasing a blended malts whisky using swapped stocks as a jointly planned whisky in late April. Last month, on the 30th of March, the launch of a new product from the Saburomaru Distillery x Nagahama Distillery by …

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