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“Product introduction catalog page where Japanese whiskey can be bought”

The 5th has been released. We hope to help everyone who is looking at this site purchase Japanese whiskey by collecting the lineup of japanese whiskey scattered on the web in an easy-to-understand manner, including products released in the past for each manufacturer, brand, and so on.

The fifth is the Akkeshi Distillery, which started operations in 2016. Following the Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Distillery, craft distillery is the most noteworthy distillery. In addition to the “24 Seasons Series” currently on sale, we will also introduce the NewBone series released before reaching the three-year aging period that can be sold as whiskey.

1.Akkeshi 24 Season Series

2.Akkeshi Whisky Others

厚岸ウイスキー サロルンカムイ 200ml

厚岸ウイスキー サロルンカムイ 200ml

¥26,800(as of 02/07 18:39)
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3.Akkeshi Newborn Series

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