The 9th Chichibu Whisky Festival!

The 9th Chichibu Whisky Festival will be held.

The details of the date, time, venue, tickets, etc. will be introduced in this article, so please read to the end!

Chichibu Whiskey Festival Overview

The Chichibu Whisky Festival is now in its 9th year. The venue for this year’s festival is Online Chichibu Whisky Festival.

The outline of the event is as follows.

Event Name

Chichibu Whiskey Festival

Date & TimeFebruary 19 and 20, 2022
Venue Chichibu Whisky Festival official youtube channel

You can purchase tickets online at Click here from


Chichibu Whisky Festival 2022 Details

If you purchase an online ticket, you’ll get not only the URL to join the live show, but also a Chichibu Shrine good luck charm, a souvenir, and even a raffle ticket to enter our bottle giveaway!

This year’s Chichibu Whisky Festival will feature online tours of whiskey distilleries in Japan and abroad, as well as online seminars and a radio whisky festival.

It’s a chance to learn about distilleries that you can’t usually visit, partly because it’s online!

There is also a possibility that the scheduled seminars may not be online, depending on the status of those infected with the coronavirus, so this is a must-see for whisky fans as well.



Even in today’s world where coronavirus is spreading, I think this is a very valuable event where people who love whiskey can connect with each other. People who make whiskey, people who drink whisky, bartenders. It’s great to have a place where all the various thoughts can come together in one place and talk about the whisky we love. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the Chichibu Whisky Festival and all the whisky fans.


About 新海 博之

1981年7月17日 北海道北広島市出身 大学卒業後、NTTデータカスタマサービス㈱へ新卒入社。法人向けの様々なSI案件を営業として職務を遂行する傍ら、学生時代からのDJ活動を通じて、お酒や食にも強く関心を持っていく。 2010年 お酒と人の繋がりへの興味・関心が抑えきれなくなり、「麻布十番BAR新海」を開業。現在名物料理となっている「薬膳カレー」も開発 2018年「虎ノ門BAR新海」、2019年には「芝大門BAR新海」を開業。 2020年 ウェブメディア「Japanese Whisky Dictionary」をスタート。ジャパニーズウイスキーに関する様々な情報を発信 「BARをやって来た自分たちだから出来る事、特にウイスキーに魅了され、その知識を学んできた自分たちにしか出来ない事は無いか?」と自問自答し、ウイスキーの美味しさ、楽しさ、その魅力をより多くの方に“正しく”、“正確”に発信する事が、誰かの役に立ち、更には日本のウイスキーの発展に寄与する事になるのではないかと信じて取り組んでいます。

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