Kobe Distillery


Whiskey Festival 2024 in OSAKA details confirmed! Tickets on sale from 3/28(Thu) 12:00 noon

Whiskey Festival 2024 in OSAKA. tickets on sale from 12:00 noon on Thursday, March 28. Held on June 29 and 30, 2024. Explains the details of the event and how to purchase tickets. This is the first 2DAYS event in Osaka.
Cask Owner

[June 15, 2023 Acceptance begins] Kobe Distillery Cask Owner

Priced at 950,000 yen for 1 barrel of 95L (bourbon casks) and 33,700 yen for 1 unit (2 x 700ml, bourbon casks).
New Release

[May 1, 2023 Release] Kobe Distillery New Pot.

Kobe Distillery's first product to go on sale on May 1. Available at the official online store of Kobe Distillery and at stores that handle the product. The whisky is bottled before it is matured, and the malt and yeast are carefully selected and distilled in an environment with extreme temperature differences. The sweet aroma of grain is reminiscent of fruit.