[Review] Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION

Whisky Review
Whisky Review
Kanosuke Distillery

In order to embody the Kanosuke Distillery’s concept of “MELLOW LAND, MELLOW WHISKY,” the original three pot stills (copper distillers) were used to make the original liquor, which was then aged in various oak barrels for three years before being mulled.
Non-peated malt It was distilled and aged at the Kanosuke Distillery from 2017 to 2006, and is the first Kanosuke distillery product to be bottled at cask strength. Single Malt Japanese Whisky It was distilled and aged at the Kanosuke Distillery from 2017-18.

The box that houses the Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION was designed to resemble the sandy beach of Fukiage Beach that stretches below the distillery. When you touch both sides of the box, you can feel the rough texture of the beach, and the package design also depicts a beach. The shape of the bottle is also based on the motif of a pot still. This is the blissful moment when those who have visited the Kanosuke distillery pick up a bottle of Single Malt Kanosuke, think about it, and sip it. The bottle is also shaped like a pot still. TEAM KANOSUKE aims to create entertainment through experiences and impressions.

In addition, this product is described as a “single malt Japanese whisky” in the product description. This has an important meaning. Voluntary standards for Japanese whisky established by the Japan Western Brewers Association This is important because the new law, “Single Malt Japanese whisky”, came into effect on April 1, 2012, and we have indicated that the product is in compliance with it.


1. Manufacturer

Komasa Brewing Company

Establishment1883 (16th year of Meiji)
Head office3309 Hiki, Hiyoshi-cho, Hioki-shi, Kagoshima 899-3101, Japan
Owned distilleryKannosuke distillery

2. Distillery

Kannosuke distillery

Location 845-3 Kannogawa, Hiyoshi-cho, Hioki-shi, Kagoshima 899-2421
Start of operation 2017

The Kanosuke distillery stands on a site of about 9,000 square meters by Fukiage beach on the west coast of Kagoshima prefecture.
In addition to the distillation facilities, the U-shaped, two-story main building has a bar with a great view and a store selling original goods.
The main features of the distillery are The distillery is equipped with three pot stills (large, medium and small). The main feature of the distillery is that it has three distilleries. The distillery has a capacity of 6000 liters, 3000 liters, and 1600 liters respectively.
In the world, craft distilleries (small distilleries) usually have two units. whisky is usually distilled twice, and by using pot stills with different neck shapes and upper line arm angles during the second distillation (re-distillation), the aroma and flavor of the raw material can be changed more richly.
Fukiage beach, where the distillery stands, is one of the three largest sand dunes in Japan and has been selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan. The beach is about 47 km long from north to south, and the strong wind rises from the surface of the sea, and the area around the distillery is covered in white mist from the fine spray from the sea. It is a place with a wide range of temperatures, with hot summers and cold winters, where it is not unusual for the temperature to drop to around 0°C and snow to fall.

Image credit: Kanosuke Distillery Official Facebook

For more information on the Kanosuke Distillery, please also see this article.

3. Product name and photo

Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION

4. Characteristics

Kanosuke Distillery’s first single malt Japanese whisky

The Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION is our first single malt Japanese whisky produced at the Kanosuke Distillery in 2017-18.
It is made with non-peated malt and bottled at cask strength using multiple barrels vatted from the same American white oak richer casks used for our barrel-aged rice shochu, Mellow Kozuru.

At last, our journey of Japanese whisky begins. (From the manufacturer’s website)

4-1. Tasting notes

NoseLime, prune, raisin butter
TasteMellow, woody, vanilla, nicotine.
AftertasteBittersweetness of orangette, soft sea breeze

4-2. Product Specifications

Alcohol content58% alcohol by volume
alcohol categorySingle malt Japanese whisky
Cask TypeAmerican white oak richer cask
Number of bottles soldLimited quantity
Suggested retail price13,750 yen (tax included)
Release dateJune 16, 2021

5. Awards

No awards have been received at this time.

6. Price

6-1. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

Product name Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION
Suggested retail price13,750 yen (tax included)

6-2. Resale price on Mercari

There seems to be no listing on Mercari at present. (*As of June 16, 2021)

6-3. Yahoo Auction Sold Price

The winning bid price on Yahoo Auction is Lowest price: 19,800 yen, Highest price: 19,800 yen, Average price: 19,800 yen (*Statistics for the past 120 days as of June 16, 2021)

6-4. Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, Amazon

There are no mail order sites that carry this product at this time. (As of 6/16/2021)

6-5. Price offered at BAR SHINKAI

Bar Shinkai, which is operated by this website, offers the following 1 glass, 45ml: 3,960 yen, 30ml: 2,640 yen, 15ml: 1,320 yen (* Statistics for the past 120 days as of 6/16/2021)

7. Summary

The Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION has finally been released to the world as a whisky after 3 years of maturation. 3 types of Newborn were made between 2018 and 2020.
The third limited edition bottle from the Kanosuke Newborn Distillery won the “Japanese New Make Category Winner” at the Tokyo whisky & Spirits Competition 2021, so we can say that the distillery has very high expectations.

The surprising thing about it is its color, which makes it hard to believe that it is three years old. It has a dark amber color like the setting sun. The palate also starts with fresh and slightly acidic fruit, and later on you can find richness and a good amount of sweetness. The aftertaste is long, complex, and deep. This is a whisky that I would like to drink on the rocks and enjoy the changes in flavor over time.

■Please check out the other articles about Kanosuke.


https://jpwhisky.net/2021/02/05/kanosuke-new- born-2019/

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