[Hokkaido Prefectural Research Institute] Began production of corn whisky in Hokkaido [Sapporo Shusei Kogyo]


Sapporo Shusei Kogyo (Sapporo) began producing “corn whisky” made mainly from Hokkaido corn on November 21.

This is a rare attempt to produce grain whisky, which is made from grains other than barley malt, such as corn, on a continuous basis in Hokkaido. This project is part of the “Hokkaido Corn Whisky Project” promoted by the Hokkaido Research Institute (Doshoken, Sapporo), which is a joint effort by various companies and organizations in Hokkaido, with the aim of “using Hokkaido corn to make Hokkaido whisky that we can be proud of to the world.” This is a project in which various companies and organizations in Hokkaido are working together with the desire to “use Hokkaido-produced corn to make Hokkaido whisky that we can be proud of to the world.

Quoted from: Hokkaido Shimbun

See separate article for more information on the project.


1. About Sapporo Shusei Kogyo

Joined the Hokkaido Corn Whisky Project on July 29, 2021 as the person in charge of liquor production. Sapporo Shusei Kogyo is a long-established manufacturer that celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. The company manufactures a variety of alcoholic beverages, including shochu, wine, gin, and liqueurs, and also produces blended whisky called “Sapporo Whisky EZO,” which is a blend of British malt and in-house produced grain whisky. The company also has expertise in grain whisky production, which is thought to be the reason why the company took on the corn whisky production.

Sapporo Shusei Kogyo Official

2. Current situation of grain whisky production in Hokkaido

In Hokkaido, Ichiro’s Malt is planning to open a grain distillery, and the Dee Tripper distillery, owned by BEHIND THE CASK, an independent bottler of whisky, will start producing grain whisky. It is no exaggeration to say that Japanese whisky is showing unprecedented growth. It is inevitable that many distilleries will be established in this vast natural environment, which has a climate similar to that of Scotland, the birthplace of Japanese whisky, and more and more distilleries, both malt and grain, will enter the Hokkaido market.

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3. Summary

The company hopes to release its first corn whisky next summer at the earliest, followed by aged whisky in 2026. The project is also researching the development of new casks other than Quercus crispula using wood from Hokkaido, and depending on the results of this research, there may be a new cask that follows Quercus crispula, and whisky made from these casks may be produced not only in Japan, but also around the world. We are very much looking forward to the future progress of this dream-filled project.


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