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[Revue] Single Malt Komagatake Christian Druane Cask Finish

Christian Drouin Cask Finish is now available from Single Malt Komagatake. Christian Drouin is a company that has been making apples and top-quality Calvados for generations in the Normandy region of northern France. Everything from apple cultivation, distillation, aging, and blending is done in-house. Mars Shinshu Distillery and Christian Drouin …

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[Review] The Lucky Cat Luna

“The Lucky Cat” is a series of blended whiskies featuring cats with rich personalities, created using the blending techniques of Mars Whisky. The Lucky Cat series was launched seven years ago in honor of the president of the cat-loving Hombo Brewery. The Lucky Cat Luna, the seventh in the series, …

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[Hombo Brewery] Whisky catalog page is now available.

The sixth installment of the “Product Introduction Catalog Page where you can buy Japanese Whisky” is now available. We have compiled information on Japanese whisky sales scattered all over the web, by maker and by brand, including products released in the past, in an easy-to-understand manner, in the hope of …

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