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Lottery applications now open [Late June 2022] MARS The Y.A. #01 (Hombo Sake Brewery)

The distillates from Mars Shinshu Distillery and Mars Tsunuki Distillery are matured in the Yakushima aging cellar owned by Mars. This blended malt Japanese whisky is blended mainly with bourbon barrels. The sea breezes from the coast to the east of the cellar give it a flavor reminiscent of tropical …

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[Revue] Single Malt Komagatake Christian Druane Cask Finish

Christian Drouin Cask Finish is now available from Single Malt Komagatake. Christian Drouin is a company that has been making apples and top-quality Calvados for generations in the Normandy region of northern France. Everything from apple cultivation, distillation, aging, and blending is done in-house. Mars Shinshu Distillery and Christian Drouin …

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