Akkeshi Distillery

This time, I would like to introduce you to “Akkeshi NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS 3”, which was released on March 5 2019.

Prior to the upcoming official commercialization, the NEW BORN series is scheduled to have four installments, and the first, second, and third installments have already been released to inform whisky lovers about the “present state of the Akkeshi Distillery. The first, second and third volumes have already been released, and the fourth volume is scheduled to be released in August 2019.

  • Akkeshi NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS 1 Bourbon Barrel Non-Peated (Released on 2/27/2018)
  • Akkeshi NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS 2 Bourbon Barrel Peated (Released on 8/28/2018)
  • Akkeshi NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS 3 Mizunara (to be released on 3/5/2019)
  • Akkeshi NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS 4 Blended (to be released on 8/XX/2019)

The flavor of whiskey varies greatly depending on the barrels in which it is aged, and generally used foreign-made barrels used in the production of bourbon and sherry are used. However, the third product introduced here is characterized by the fact that it was aged in precious Mizunara barrels produced in Hokkaido. Mizunara barrels are popular among whisky lovers because they are said to give off a unique incense-like aroma.


Kenten Jitsugyo Co.


Akkeshi Distillery (Started operation in 2016)

Hokkaido’s second whisky distillery aims to produce whisky like Islay malt.

The Akkeshi distillery opened in 2016 with the strong desire to “make whisky like Islay malt using traditional Scottish methods.” The distillery uses equipment made by Forsythe in Scotland.

Like the whisky making process on the island of Islay, water that passes through a layer of peat is used as the brewing water, and the whisky is matured in the cool, moist, and sea breezy location of Akkeshi.

4-109-2 Miyazono, Akkeshicho, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaido 088-1124, Japan

Kenten Jitsugyo Co.

The distillery tour is organized by “Akkeshi Taste Terminal Conchiglie”.

For more information, please visit this page.


3.Product Name


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¥11,000 (2021/07/29 07:55:38時点 Amazon調べ-詳細)


The whisky is a blend of non-peated raw spirits aged for 8-23 months in new barrels of Mizunara from Hokkaido.

The Akkeshi distillery started production in November 2016. In response to fan demand, the third Newborn is a blend of non-peated raw spirits aged for 8-23 months in new barrels of Mizunara from Hokkaido, also known as Japanese oak by overseas malt fans. Under Japanese law, it is labeled as whisky, but in Europe, it cannot be called whisky if it has been matured for less than three years, so it is titled “Newborn”.

Akkeshi Distillery’s “Newborn” series is a four-part series. This is the third installment, and the first in the series to be aged in Mizunara barrels. More than a dozen barrels were selected from among the raw materials aged for 8 to 23 months in Mizunara barrels produced in Hokkaido, and blending was conducted on December 5, 2018. The result is an unprecedented newborn with a complex aroma that includes citrus aromas and an oriental flavor derived from Mizunara. This is a superb product that will intoxicate you with the rich flavor of citrus mixed with the dense aroma peculiar to Mizunara. If you have tasted the first and second products, you will be able to enjoy the differences as well.

The tasting notes on the manufacturer’s website are as follows.

Nose: Sweet aroma of brown sugar, vanilla, and fresh melon with spicy nutmeg-like notes

Taste: Bitter chocolate, sugar syrup, and a tangerine taste layered on top

Aftertaste: White pepper pepper, bitter chocolate-like sweetness, and a slight woody note

Type: Single malt Ingredients: unpeated malt

Alcohol content: 55


No awards at this time.


Suggested retail price: 5,800 yen (tax included: 6,264 yen)

Capacity: 200 ml

When I checked the sales situation on mail order sites such as Rakuten and amazon, I found that they were selling at prices ranging from 8,000 yen to 11,000 yen, which was already a premium of about 1.5 times the regular price. (As of March 26, 2019)


At BAR SHINKAI, we offer this precious whisky at

45ml: 4500yen,

30ml: 3000yen,

15ml: 1500yen. 

created by Rinker
¥11,000 (2021/07/29 07:55:38時点 Amazon調べ-詳細)


Akkeshi NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS is made from “non-peated malt,” which is malted barley dried without using peat, and aged in bourbon barrels. It goes well with oysters, a specialty of the town of Akkeshi, and if you put a few drops of it on raw oysters on the half shell, the flavor of both will harmonize and you can enjoy the aroma of the sea. This way of enjoying oysters is also a familiar custom in Islay. Why don’t you try this luxury just like in the holy land of scotch?

The Akkeshi Distillery’s ideal whisky is made entirely in Akkeshi, from the barley used to make the whisky to the peat and aging barrels. A full-fledged single malt whisky is scheduled to debut in 2020. Expectations are high for the future development of Akkeshi Whisky.